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posted 12/13/2002 by John Yan
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The other set today is the Logitech Cordless Elite Duo, which is Logitech’s high-end model. The set is almost exactly the same as the Logitech Cordless Optical. Here’s a small except of my old review and afterwards I’ll add what’s new to the set.

The keyboard’s slim profile, known as the Zero Degree Tilt, gives you a comfortable reach to the keys. Shape-wise, the keyboard’s layout is the same as a regular keyboard. I’m more partial to the ergonomic design though so I’m hoping that Logitech does release the same setup with that type of keyboard. Looking at the keyboard, you can see a whole mess of buttons and dials included with the regular setup. I’ll go clockwise from the left and touch some of the keys in this review. On the left side, you see two buttons and a dial that’s the same as a mouse wheel. Of course, the dial functions the same as a mouse wheel in web pages and more. You can do such things as adjust the volume, scroll through your favorites, and zoom in and out. One of the side buttons opens up an input box to enter a URL to surf to. The other side button allows you to go back a web page. With the two buttons and a scroll, you can do some casual browsing if you don’t need to click on links. I like the look of the keyboard with the mostly black and silver look giving it a slick appearance. Rather than the bland white or eggshell keyboards that are abundant with computers, Logitech has given the keyboard a nice color scheme.

As for difference, one of them is that the keyboard now takes 2 batteries instead of 4. Another is that the function keys now can perform some common functions, which are labeled on top of each key. You can switch between those and regular function keys with the press of the F-key on the upper left. Logitech has made for a more functional keyboard with more commands at your fingertips without adding more buttons.

Just like the Cordless Navigator Duo the Cordless Elite Duo has the same receiver with the LED’s and good length cord.

The keyboard and mouse now feature a black color scheme instead of the gray that was in the Cordless Freedom Optical. For those that were thinking of purchasing the Cordless Elite Duo to be their home theater PC controller, the color scheme will match nicely with the dark components.

As with the last year’s set, the Logitech Cordless Elite Duo also features some buttons at the top that give you more functions but they are different now. Let’s go through the buttons from left to right. First off is the previously mentioned F-key. Next to that is an E-Mail button to call up your preferred email program. Messanger/SMS pulls up your IM of choice. Webcam initiates your webcam program if one is installed. On the right side feature iTouch, Search, Shopping, Favorites, and My Home buttons. All these buttons can also be programmed to perform other functions so you aren’t stuck with what they are defaulted to.
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