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posted 10/6/2002 by John Yan
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More and more cordless peripherals are popping up these days with Nintendo trying to market their Wavebird Wireless aggressively as a viable controlling solution. The Playstation 2 has a few cordless controllers and today I look at Logitech’s offering known simply as, the Logitech Cordless Controller.

If you read my earlier review on Logitech’s cordless controller for the PC, you’ll see that the design is almost exactly the same for the Playstation 2. Operating on a 2.4Ghz band, the Cordless Controller has all the basic PS2 buttons and triggers. The L2 and R2 triggers are placed at a sharper angle down and is placed inline with the shape of the front. The D-Pad is a complete circle rather than four tabs. Above he select and start buttons are a mode and vibration button. The vibration buttons turns on or off the rumble feature while the mode button switches between analog and digital mode. Like all PS2 controllers, the buttons are pressure sensitive when in analog mode.

The two thumbsticks feature a recessed top and I found the thumb fit nicely in these areas. I did wish that the sticks offered a little more resistance as it is a little to easy to move the stick around. Logitech did say they increased the tension on the sticks on units that were sent out after my review though. The response from pushing the sticks is pretty nice and offers a good feeling click to let you know that you’ve pressed the stick buttons.

While I found the triggers offered a nice physical feedback, the four primary buttons seem to feel a little dead to me. In comparing with the PC version, I thought that the PC controller offered a little better response. It could be because the PC buttons are a little smaller diameter yet protrudes from the controller more than the PS2 one does. From testing various games, it didn’t hurt the performance at all, but I think I would’ve liked a stronger, more responsive spring in the buttons.

The controller is rather comfortable to hold unless you have smaller than average hands. It’s not monster sized like the XBOX controller but it is an increase in size over the traditional PS2 controller. If you do enjoy Logitech’s design on the PC then you’ll enjoy the PS2 one as I stated earlier, they are nearly identical.

Four AA batteries power the controller and there are no rechargeable features. This is a good and bad thing in the fact that if you run out of battery power you don’t have to recharge the unit to get it to work. Just pop in four fresh batteries and you’re ready to go. The down side is you lose the convenience of having an all in one unit with the rechargeable battery built in like the Mad Catz controller. You can, of course, use your own rechargeable batteries instead. The manual states you should get about fifty hours of game time with four new batteries. Unless you’re a power gamer that plays NCAA 2003 eight hours a day like some of my old college friends, the controller should last you a bit of time.

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