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posted 6/29/2004 by John Yan
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The grips on the Cordless Action Controller feature a slight bulb for easier grasping in the palm. Holding the controller felt very comfortable and the handle grips offer good comfort. For petite hands, it is wide but still fits well.

The controller works on the 2.4GHz range so it can be interfered with if you have phones, wireless networks, or microwaves near you. While testing the unit, I tried making a few calls and used my Linksys wireless router to browse the web near me and found no problems whatsoever. Your mileage may vary of course, but I didn’t experience any hiccups with other wireless products. The receiver is a very tiny card like interface that has a connect button to help synchronize the controller.

So how well does this new controller work? Do no lag and great range say anything about the Cordless Action Controller? I went through a variety of PlayStation 2 games from sports to action and found the controller to be responsive and wonderful to use. On Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, I had no problems performing the various combos and being quick on blocking incoming attacks. I always felt I was in control and there was really no difference in terms of performance over a corded controller. Multiple button and stick presses transmitted to the receiver flawlessly generating the exact movements I wanted. The D-Pad, unlike other controllers, felt perfect and I was able to perform horizontal, vertical, and diagonal movements without any hitches. On ESPN NBA Basketball, then analog actions performed without a hitch. Pushing the analog stick slightly allowed Lebron James to slowly take the ball up the court while a full push on forward on the stick had Lebron running up the court quickly. The cordless option didn’t seem to hinder any analog performance as well. The controller also exhibits strong yet not overpowering rumble vibrations. Other games I tried exhibited the same behavior giving me a very positive experience in using the controller.

The price on the is very competitive at roughly $40. Logitech’s latest PlayStation 2 controller is a hit and offers flawless cordless action. If there’s one minor gripe about this controller is that there is no macro function, but that’s a very minor gripe. If you’re in need of a cordless controller, the Cordless Action Controller from Logitech is a great buy.

One of the best cordless controllers out there, the Logitech Cordless Action Controller is a great buy for PS2 owners.

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