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posted 6/29/2004 by John Yan
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Logitech isn’t new to the console wireless controller market. Their first products weren’t too bad. Now their next iteration is coming out and today we’re looking at the Cordless Action Controller for the PlayStation 2.

The Cordless Action Controller’s design features a more compact design than the original cordless controller for the PlayStation 2. The smaller design should please many fans of the PlayStation 2 controller. The D-Pad features a round dial with a raised cross on it. For the four main buttons, each one is a nice height above the controller surface with a soft spring underneath. Pressing the buttons offers good feedback.

Each trigger also has a medium feel to it also giving good feedback when depressed. Like traditional PlayStation 2 controllers, the L1 and R1 buttons are smaller than the L2 and R2 ones. They are spaced comfortably away from each other and can easily be reached by the index fingers.

Logitech has finally gotten the tension of the analog sticks correct and I found them to handle very well. One of my few complaints of the original was the weakness of the analog tension but the Cordless Action Controller has gotten it right. The top features a non-slip rubber coating. I’ve gotten emails about how the original’s coating wore off quicker than other controllers and only time will tell if this one does also. However, the coating is comfortable on the thumbs.

Above the left analog stick is the select button and above the right analog stick is the start button. Both can also be easily reached with the thumbs. Above the start button is the vibration activation button allowing you to turn the vibration feature on or off easily. Above the select button is the mode button. The mode button toggles between analog and digital mode. If you’re in digital mode, the buttons are not pressure sensitive and the analog sticks won’t work.

A very nice change from the original cordless design is that the controller now only takes two AA batteries as opposed to four. It lessens the weight, of course, and the controller will still work around 50 hours with vibration on or 100 hours with vibration off. The exclusion of two batteries also helps reduce the size and weight of the controller as well.
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