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posted 11/4/2009 by John Yan
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Right now as of this writing, it looks like DLC for the first Lips game won't work with Lips: Number One Hits. The team knows about this and is working on a solution or otherwise I'd have really knocked it down if they decided not to address the issue. Speaking of DLC, the game does tease you a bit in the menu system about it. You'll see the listing of the 40 or 45 songs you own but it says there are 128 songs to sing. Not true as they list the potential songs you can have if you purchase all the DLC that the menu displays. It's nice that you don't have to get out of the game to pick up the new songs listed but it's a little misleading to see the amount songs available to sing only to realize that it is only if you purchase all of them in the view. As time goes by, more songs will be easily accessible through this menu. The 128 songs I mentioned was the number at the time I first started reviewing and now there's more in the store to pick up.

Those that love achievements will be disappointed to know that Lips: Number One Hits just tacks on to the original achievements while adding a few. Yeah, there's not another 1000 points or so to earn but for a person like me who doesn't care about achievements, it's not something I'm going to miss. Others though might find it more annoying that they are paying full price for a game and not getting another batch of new achievements to pull off.

The feature of using your music player to play is back but like the first game, the game won't download the lyrics or the video to view. So, you're left with singing to a generic video and don't know how well you are doing. In theory it's a good idea but it still needs some work to really make it a key component of the series. Of course, if they do this then why would anyone want to buy any of the DLC then instead of just taking songs from their collection to play in the game?

For those that like to play with friends online, Lips: Number One Hits doesn't have any way to do so which is a little disappointing. It's not like other music games don't have the ability to let you play online but you can only see friends and leader board scores of other Lips players as far as online functionality is concerned. If you do get a score that puts you near the top, you can earn a trophy to be displayed when you choose that song. For example, being in the current top 100 will earn you a gold trophy that your Avatar will hold proudly. It's all based on the current score so when I first started it I automatically got a gold trophy since only around 40 or so people had the game. Now, it's much harder to earn a gold, silver, or bronze trophy. You won't ever lose it once you earn one though so I'm glad I was happy to keep those "hard-earned" trophies.

In the end, Lips: Number One Hits is a polished up version of the first game with Avatar support built in. It may look at a glorified expansion pack but if you want to go by value, purchasing each song individually would definitely be more expensive than getting the bundle. For those that want a karaoke game and just have fun with it, Lips: Number One Hits is a good pick up. People can jump in at anytime and sing a duet and there are a few little features that make it a good experience. It's definitely got some drawbacks and some design issues but those that love to sing will enjoy the game nevertheless.

(Update - The DLC for Lips should now work with Lips: Number One Hits)

Lips: Number One Hits is a more polished version of the first game with some Avatar support. It's too bad you have to do a disc swap if you want to sing the songs from the first game. A nice little easy karaoke game for those what enjoy singing with easy accessibility for all skill levels

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