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posted 10/21/2008 by The GN Staff
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From the trailers we've seen a fairly cool bestiary, what was the inspiration for the creatures in the game? Do you have a personal favorite?
The creatures came from a lot of research of books on mythology and movies using creatures. As well as movies we liked that also used the theme. We culled it down to the creatures that tied into our themes and would be good enemies for a FPS game. My favorite is the Werewolf for the depth of its behavior and the challenge it presents to the player.

What lessons did you learn from Turning Point that you are applying to Legendary? How much technology are you leveraging from Turning Point?
I was focused completely on Legendary and both games were developed by different teams for different publishers so the sharing of tech wasn’t allowed. We watched their experience making the game; but we were making different games so the lessons the TP team experienced didn’t help us too much. I really can comment more than that.

The FPS market has evolved over the years, in your opinion, what are the biggest advancements to the genre in recent years? What new things are you bringing to the table in Legendary?
I do see things being made cleaner and with more production values. Some good advancement I like are in the weapon adaptability a game like Resistance did really well or the 2nd weapon set that Bioshock did so well with their plasmids. These are necessarily new features but there were done really wall. The most creatively mined player mechanic has got to be the exploration of the cover point mechanic and tying most of the action into controls aimed at polishing and unlocking more fun from fixed point firing. AIs haven’t advanced much and that is so much of the game for an FPS. That is where we shine in the work we did with the Creatures. They are unique challenges and force the player out of their comfort zone and make them play an fps different from what they are used to, We are very proud of our gameplay and hope people will experience the fun we see in the game.

What can we expect from the multiplayer side of the game? What different kind of modes are going into the game?
We made a unique mode called Safari. We went all in on bringing the Werewolf to multiplayer and making the creatures the central Factor of the game. You won’t win a Legendary Multiplayer match just by killing the other team. You need to do more than that. Since the game is about this idea of three-way combat and fighting creatures we wanted that to be consistent with the multiplayer experience as well so in addition to the traditional two team combat the werewolves will be “alive” in the multiplayer experience. This turned out to be quite a challenging thing to do but it stays true to the core idea of encountering creatures in our world and we wanted something that was more unique than just another Deathmatch mode.

Can you talk about the AI in the game and what kind of things we can expect to see in the game?
In general, a melee creature is going to be at a disadvantage when dealing with a player that can fire from any position. The creature needs to move to hurt me but I can shoot from anywhere while attacking it.

We challenge the player by moving our creatures in unconventional but realistic ways. The werewolf, lightning fast, is strong enough to walk on walls and ceilings and make large jumps while pathing to attack the player. When you tie in a desire to avoid lines of fire you make a challenging target.

But we also make sure the creatures know all the objects in the world and use them in believable ways. That Werewolf may decide, instead of running up to attack you face to face to throw a TV at you. The Minotaur will break through the walls you are using to hide from it to attack you.

By using the world in ways traditionally reserved for the player, you give the creatures a weight and a presence and a believability that most AIs lack.

Also, by having these creatures attack the player you break the repetition of the coverpoint to coverpoint forward progress mechanic that is the staple of FPS games. You have to move in space in Legendary because the creatures are going to track you down and hiding at cover wont work against them. It makes the game more of a motion game but you still need to worry about the black order that is trying to kill you as well.

We'd like to thank John for taking the time to answer our questions as well as Stephanie for helping to setup the interview

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