Last Rebellion


posted 3/23/2010 by Tina Amini
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2. Is that…is that Mr. Moviefone narrating?
It is really terrible listening to the voice actors in the game. This holds true for two reasons. For one thing, the dialogue itself feels almost scripted to be cheesy. It’s not terrible enough to always be comical, but the painful banter can barely cut through the horrendously feigned sexual tension between your two characters confined to one soul.

There’s really no way around it: the dialogue isn’t anything riveting and the voice acting helps none. It goes without saying, then, that character construction won’t be catching your attention either. When Aisha explains that your two souls have become bound together, she does so in the Vamino Room, which is where you are transferred upon binding. It consists of a huge ticking clock lined with portals to jump into previously explored areas, and is the only place the two of you can exist together. The thought of a room adorned with the winding gears of a clock to represent the constraints of your death can be dreamy and poetic, but it’s immediately shattered by their discussion of it. Aisha describes their situation as “kind of a pain, but that’s what sharing a soul is all about.” They then continue to pass off discussions of the meaning behind the actions of the gods by saying that “gods do weird stuff.” I haven’t heard that sort of vernacular since the 5th grade.

Their bickering adds to the allusion of children arguing, and even the main plot is sullied by Nine’s idea of vengeance against his “pansy” brother. It really turns a story with a good premise of unbalance, vengeance and honor to a petty practice of showmanship amongst bratty siblings.

To make up in part for the unconvincing voice acting is the music featured in the game. Some of the background melodies were really catchy and matched the “you’re all doomed” setting around the storyline. Of course, it’s one track over and over, but it’s certainly pleasant to listen to.

3. Even with terrible acting and dialogue, I am intrigued by the storyline.

Flaws are, without a doubt, abound in Last Rebellion. But the interesting twist on the good versus evil storyline, and the constant mystery surrounding your journey and Alfred’s motives keep the game intriguing.

I was enticed by the storyline to want to discover more, but the half-mustered dialogue and stills where animated cut scenes should have been really blemished the entire project. I wanted to spend time with the background of the story more so than the characters, but the game overwhelmed me with cheesy dialogue and rushed through the more intriguing bits of storyline that I would have preferred to listen to. Even so, you’ll be encountering twists and turns throughout the storyline, just barely being introduced to one while another one creeps up to add to the mystery. The storyline was, to put it efficiently, exciting.
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