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posted 8/17/2010 by Chad Smith
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Between each level, the story progresses by a series of cartoon images.  The Bearded Ladies have a very dry sense of humor that isn’t conveyed properly through writing.  I did chuckle a few times, but that was typically because of game sounds or situations, not dialogue.  Speaking of speech, though, the characters are fully “voiced” which is a nice touch.  Instead of talking,  every person and animal mumbles in an interesting mixture of Simlish and Charlie Brown’s teacher.   It works with the exaggerated art style and fits the characters. 

Throughout your travels, Marley and Lander will switch out numerous wingmen.  What could an Island Babe, Mountaineer, Balloonist and Dragon add to the mix?  Quite a lot!  Each wingman has a special ability that will be used for at least the area you find them.  Grab the attention of male tribesman with the Island Babe or swing via the Mountaineer’s grappling hook for greater flight control.  Having Balloonist as your wingman enables you slide across the ice and dive into the water, while the Dragon will use his fire-breath to change the flying machine’s direction quickly. 

Additionally, the action can be played in split screen co-op mode.  It’s more fun to get competitive and duel in one of the six available maps.  These pay homage to the best of the game’s levels and allow for some crazy action.  After playing through the story, its necessary for my competition to have done the same.  While pick up and play is possible, it takes more skill than a cart racer or button-mashing fighting game.  Since there is no online play, only local multiplayer, it’s very limiting and sad that many will miss out on the dueling fun.

Landit Bandit provides different spin on a tried and true genre.  Well-planned pacing and creative level design help this PSN title stand out from the crowd.  However, the inherent difficultly and resultant frustration in addition to the lack of online multiplayer will turn many away.  It’s a bumpy flight, but an enjoyable diversion between bigger, full-priced titles.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

It's often frustrating and lacks online multiplayer, but I still enjoyed playing it. Check it out for a change of pace but expect some turbulence in this PSN flight adventure.

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