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posted 1/13/2003 by Dan Clarke
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Kung Fu Chaos has all of the elements of a sleeper hit going for it. There’s only one problem: there’s no way in hell this should be a ‘sleeper’ because everyone should know about this game.

The original description of the game involved a 70s Kung Fu movie premise. It sounded good, but let’s face it – games like Stuntman, Chase and even Loons have already covered some sort of ‘movie set’ type of game, all with mixed results. Needless to say, I had mixed feelings about firing up Kung Fu Chaos for the Xbox. Would Microsoft and Just Add Monsters make this game as fun as was promised in the fact sheet? Boy, did they ever.

We received reviewable code for this game earlier this week, and it was rather strange receiving it a little over a month early – it’s not that often we receive reviewable code so far in advance – unless a company knows they have a winner on their hands. Enough hyperbole – let’s get to the game.

It's Afrotastic!

First—let’s go over the game’s premise: you are an actor and you’re going to be appearing in a Kung Fu movie. In the beginning you have to meet with the director and he’ll give you the scene; you’ll have to perform well to earn a star rating – you’re in effect given a review of 1 to 5 stars and you’ll be told what rating you have to get up front in order to continue.

Firing up the game, you’ll get a title screen and a voice saying “Kung Fu Chaos.” Next thing you know the initial bars of Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting” (whoa-hoo-hoo-hooo is the best approximation I can give) will chime in. While the song is playing you’ll be treated to what looks like a movie theater preview of the game – the company that presents the film, the director, film artifacts (hairs in the projector), goofy slow-mo and credits that reveal the actors in the film; guys like “Chop Styx,” “Ninja Fu Hiya,” and of course the African-American woman with the afro – Lucy Cannon. The intro was pretty darn cool.
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