posted 8/23/2004 by Dave Gamble
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I suspect Kuma\War will end up being similar to the Battlefield 1942 type of game: almost useless for single player, but pretty popular for multiplayer. Unfortunately, I could only find a single server and one other player to try it out, and that server was configured for co-op play. When you think about it, co-op play pretty much requires a good single player mode to be successful, so my multiplayer experience was almost identical to my single player experience (with the embarrassing exception of me having managed to kill the only other player on the server in a friendly fire incident – sorry Kuma\Jay!). Without good enemy AI, you need human opponents to have any meaningful challenge at all. Still, I think there is hope here if a large enough group is available to play against.


Will that happen? Possibly, if this was a $20 - $30 game. With Kuma\War, however, that is not the case. According to the review materials provided by Kuma, Kuma\War will be subscription based. The proposed cost is the almost ubiquitous rate of $9.99 per month. I’m afraid that with the competition in the market being what it is, not many people are going to want to spend that for a pretty average game. That said, those that ARE willing to spend that will probably take their gaming pretty seriously, which should cut down the frustrations of trying to play against opponents that are just there to screw around. In other words, there may be some benefit to the exclusivity that will result from the pricing.

While Kuma\War is a great idea the actual execution falls short.

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