Knights of the Old Republic


posted 7/31/2003 by Charles Husemann
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One Page Platforms: Xbox
The combat system is solid, as well. You basically queue up combat actions (attacks, healing potions, Jedi force attacks, etc) and let them rip. You can pause the action with the white button and toggle through your party members with the black button. Then setup a series of commands for them to execute before un-pausing the action. There’s also an option to play in more of a real time mode if you want but with three people to look after it can be a little much to handle.

The game isn’t perfect and some parts of it feel a little rushed. It did hang on me a few times and there are some small glitches here and there but nothing too significant. Hopefully, these glitches will be ironed out once the PC version comes out.

Bioware has also promised to provide some new content via X-box live and while there’s no official word on what will be in the downloadable content, the fact that there will be new content is pretty impressive.

Overall, the game is a blast and a massive time sink but I can’t help but wonder how good the PC version is going to be. If you like Star Wars or Role Playing games this is right up your alley, if not then it’s still pretty good and I’m guessing it’s going to sell a lot of X-box’s.

While not a perfect game, the game’s depth and pull are amazing. If you don’t have any patience or a decent PC, then this is the version for you. However, you might want to hold out for the PC version.

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