Knights of the Old Republic


posted 7/31/2003 by Charles Husemann
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The sound in KoToR is excellent (not that you would expect anything less than amazing in a Lucas game). Everything from the blaster fire, to the doors opening, to the hum of a light saber is present. I have to admit I spend a lot of my time walking around with the light sabers on just for the cool sounds (I know, I’m a big dork).

What really will put KoToR above the other games is the voice work behind the game. Every bit of dialogue has an excellent voice attached to it and the work on the alien voices is just amazing (although all of the wookies kind of sound the same). The new aliens in the game have exceedingly cool voices and all of your old favorites from Rodians to Jawas are in the game.

Do I really even need to talk about the in-game music? It’s Star Wars and a Lucasarts game so you know it’s going to be fantastic and KoToR does not disappoint. Some of the original score is present but the composers have done an excellent job of continuing this great tradition.

My biggest concern going into the game was the controls. RPG’s as a genre require a lot of controls since there are many things to do. KoToR is no exception and for the most part it delivers solid controls. Getting around is pretty easy with the left thumbstick, while the right stick controls the camera. You can even push the right thumbstick in to switch to a quick first person view (not that you really need to). You can toggle through usable items by using the left and right trigger. The A button activates the current action (selectable using the D-pad). The X and Y buttons are used to add items to the Action queue (more on this later). The B button is used to cancel actions. The control system actually works well once you get used to it.

The only real complaint with the controls is the inventory management system which is pretty much just one long list. You can sort by new items but additional ways to sort through the inventory would have been nice.
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