Knights of the Old Republic


posted 7/31/2003 by Charles Husemann
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One Page Platforms: Xbox
The graphics in the game vary from good to fantastic. The character models in the are top notch and it helps because some of them are used over and over again. The other problem is that they’re a little uneven. The Sith Troopers are pretty kick ass looking in their shiny metal outfits but tsome of the other models aren’t quite as good (they are good but not as good if that makes any sense).

The backgrounds for the game are simply fantastic. Each world has its own unique look and feel. The art designers for the game deserve major kudos for creating such rich worlds to explore. I want to say more but I don’t want to spoil the game for those who haven’t played it yet. There are also a great deal of nice little touches such as sand being kicked up from doors opening and footsteps as well as bubbles in the water level. It’s these nice touches which really help immerse you in the game.

Bioware also did a nice job of mixing in-game cinematics with pre-rendered CGI sequences. Engine technologies have finally come far enough where you can almost mix the two without seeing a significant drop off. Some of the in-game cinematics are a little clumsy but, for the most part, are excellent.

The biggest drawback to the graphics is that they really push the limits of the Xbox. If you get into a large city area or a place where there are a lot of NPCs, the game slows down and you start dropping frames. The engine also doesn’t let you pan up very high which is frustrating since there is a ton of stuff going on to check out. Hopefully, these limitations will not be present in the PC version when it comes out in a few months.
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