King of Fighters 2000/2001


posted 12/2/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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One Page Platforms: PS2
The process of the game is simple; you’ve got 40 characters to pick from. Pick four characters and then decide the order in which they fight. In KOF 2000, one character would be a striker, a character who could come in during battle for a one shot attack, and your super attack meter can be built up to three levels. In KOF 2001 it’s a tad different, you pick four characters yet again but this time you choose which characters get to be strikers, and the more characters you choose to be strikers the more super moves you can store and the shorter the meter gets. So you could have three characters be strikers and one character can stand it alone against the other team. You are also able to change your team order before each match so you’re not always stuck with the team your choose the first time around.

In this world of new fangled 3-D graphics from the likes of Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter it’s good to see SNK sticking to what it knows best, 2-D. Both of these KOF games come paired together so you’re getting a great value when these games are released. Don’t miss out on some of the best fighting action this side of the 2-D spectrum.
Screenshots from King of Fighers 2001

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