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posted 12/2/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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I’ve got a poster on my wall; it says, “End the millennium with a baddabing and a baddaboom.” Now you’re probably wondering, ‘who are the ad wizards who came up with this one’ and I’ll tell you, it’s from SNK’s booth at AMOA 2000 where they first debuted King of Fighters 2000 for a domestic arcade release. Of course that release saw far too few a machine appear in arcades. So I would make the one-hour trek whenever I needed my KOF fix. 2001 and 2002 came and went, and now we’re on our way to 2003. After many Dreamcast imports I’m more than happy to report that SNK has deemed the Playstation 2 worth of hosting it’s console release. So no more shopping at NCSX or one of those other import sites paying upwards of 50 bucks a game.

The graphics of the King of Fighters games have never been a strong point; in fact both of these games can be considered downright ugly. KOF 2000 is a bit better looking than KOF 2001 but not by much. The art of the game however I am a big fan of 2001’s art is quite nice looking. Rather than spend a lot of time on graphics the effort has gone into the deep fighting system and the actual story behind the game. Although I think the story went out the window seriously back in ’97. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a little intermission in between rounds. So nix the graphics, and the sound, because that’s also not a very strong spot and just focus on the furious fighting. It’s some balanced fighting that’s for damn sure. You’ll find yourself constantly working to get better with some characters learning all their properties of special moves, cancels, strikers, and more. It can get really complex but it’s never overwhelming.

Screenshots from King of Fighters 2000
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