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posted 9/15/2006 by The GN Staff
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While the main focus at Sony’s E3 press conference was the unveiling of the PLAYSTATION 3 one game that slipped somewhat under the radar was Killzone:Liberation the follow up to the Sci-fi FPS Killzone. The game was immediately on our must play list and we were able to get hooked up with an interview with the Lead Designer and Game Director for the game.
GamingNexus: Can you introduce yourself and tell us what your role on the team is? How long have you been in the gaming industry and how you got started in the industry?
MdJ : My name is Mathijs de Jonge. I’m the Game Director and Lead Designer on Killzone: Liberation. I started as a 3D designer at a multimedia company called Lost Boys. After 2 years or so I joined their games division which eventually merged with 2 other Dutch companies into Guerrilla. This is my 7th game that I worked on from start to finish and it is definitely the one that I’m most proud of.
GamingNexus: Killzone: Liberation is quite a departure from the original Killzone on the PlayStation 2. Why did you decide to switch from a first-person shooter to an overhead shooter?
MdJ : We wanted to create a new experience within the Killzone Universe. Pulling out the camera to a third person perspective was the thing that we thought would change the experience most. So when we started working on this game this was the very first we tried. Then we decided to stick with it as it gave us a lot of inspiration for new mechanics and areas of focus such as improving the AI system.
GamingNexus: How does Killzone: Liberation tie in with the original PlayStation 2 game? Will it tie in with the upcoming PlayStation 3 game? Will completing the Liberation version unlock anything in the PS3 version or not?
MdJ : The story for Killzone: Liberation continues 2 months after the end of Killzone. The earth fleet has arrived and the Helghast troops have been scattered. But there is a new general, general Armin Metrac. He’s the fearsome commander of the troops in the south and he’s rapidly gaining ground and capturing cities. The player Jan Templar is send in to take him down.
Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say anything about Killzone for the PS3.
GamingNexus: Will people who did not play the PS2 game be lost in Killzone: Liberation is the game relatively self contained?
MdJ : Oh yes, certainly! The game is specifically designed for the PSP with handheld gaming in mind for Killzone fans as well as gamers that like to play action games.
Killzone: Liberation is very easy to pickup and play, but we’ve made sure that there are enough layers of dept in terms of mechanics for the more experienced gamers.
GamingNexus: So far most of the surroundings I've seen in the game looks fairly similar, will there be a lot of variety in the finished product? How many different environments do you expect to see in the final product?
MdJ : Killzone: Liberation is all about variation; there are many game-play mechanics, different game modes, unlockable assets, new weapons, multiplayer characters and of course different environments as well. We have 12 very different surroundings in the game. And we’ve spent a lot of time making these as dynamic and alive as possible which helps the immersion.
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