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posted 8/9/2005 by Matt Mirkovich
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Death is an interesting mechanic in this game, when your personality dies, another personality is called out to go and revive them. This person is fairly beefy and tough to take down, but if he bites the bullet then it really is game over. Once he collects the body bag of the dead personality you can resurrect them. Now when it comes to dealing with Heaven Smile there are sweet spots that can be seen on the limbs or heads or other designated areas of the body. You won’t see this sweet spot while playing in hard mode (a fair warning to those out there that enjoy a challenge) but when you do a well placed shot will take out a Smile in one hit. This is something you’ll want to do often as it gives you blood. There are two types of blood, thick and thin. Thick blood is used to buy hints or power ups for the personalities, and thin blood is stored and can be used to recover lost health.

Of course the game would be quite boring if you had to sit there and shoot Smiles all day, that is why there are some brilliant boss battles to help liven things up a bit at points in the stages. One of the boss battles will have you duke it out with another assassin in a gun duel, the person who scores the most hits is the winner, and the loser, well, peace out. Another interesting boss battle will pit you against an anime-inspired school girl who battles you in a dimly lit parking lot; this is one of those times where Mask de Smith comes in handy. Or there is the simply ridiculous battle that pits you against “The Handsome Men.” Who are they? Well you’ll have to play to find out, but it is very entertaining to say the least.

The game rounds out at about 15 hours which is more than enough time to put this game through its paces. There is an extra difficulty and a bonus personality to unlock so if you want to see who it if you’ll have to play through this game from start to finish. The first person shooting can be a put off at times, but it’s not something you’re doing at every waking moment of the game, which is something I greatly appreciate as I was expecting this to be like Resident Evil: Dead Aim where I was constantly in the first person mode waiting for zombies to come around whatever blind corner happened to exist before I kicked back and laid into them with lead. The art style which encompasses all the sights and sounds is what really makes this game unique and interesting to play. Just be sure that the kids never find out about this one until they’re older, as this one is definitely not for children. But for us mature gamers out there a game like this is akin to seeing a great rated R flick. Don’t miss Killer 7, with all the critical reviews putting it down as a waste of time, it would really be a shame if you miss out on this. Give it a month or two and you’ll probably either find this one in the bargain bin at your local game store, or on the list of discontinued and over-priced games on eBay.

An impressive title for the Gamecube that while a little on the odd side is a blast to play

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