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posted 8/9/2005 by Matt Mirkovich
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The name of the game in story is Terrorism, a new breed of terrorists named “Heaven Smile” and their leader Kun Lan are on a rampage that threatens a very unstable global peace. It is up to Harman Smith and the seven personalities that he possesses to stop this madman and the walking bombs that serve him. The Heaven Smile are no ordinary terrorists, each one is a suicide bomber, some have different abilities but their goal is always the same, to get up in your face and explode, which hits a little close to home in today’s unstable world that we live in. Each of the Smith personalities contains abilities that will leave you scratching your head. Kaede for example, will slit her wrist and rain blood in order to destroy barriers, Mask de Smith is a hulking luchador who can use wrestling moves to clear a path, for the times when his dual grenade launchers just can’t cut it. Every Smith will come in handy in your efforts to stop Kun Lan. Thankfully you can switch these personalities on the fly or else this game would be a great exercise in tedium.

Now for all the raving I had to do let’s get down to the critical area, the game play. Killer 7 is an on-rails shooter that provides you with a much more interesting control and navigation system as opposed to a game like Rez where your path is completely pre-determined. Killer 7 will have you running down halls and through corridors and all that other rough and tumble stuff, picking up items and solving puzzles and you are given the ability to turn around whenever you please. When you come to a critical junction you will be presented with the paths that you can take. A simple flick of the analog stick in your desired direction will take you to where you want to go. While this is a fairly serviceable system for movement, I found that the amount of time it takes to turn around to be a bit cumbersome, especially when running from large group of Heaven Smile who have no problem with running up to you in order to explode. The other slight gripe I had with this system is that the direction that analog stick must be moved can change as you get closer or further from an object, and sometimes this will cause the directions that you need to move the analog stick to become clumped together and can occasionally result in a fatal mistake.

Then there comes the fighting, or rather shooting. When you come upon an area where a Smile is located you will hear them laugh and give away their presence, and it is usually at this time that you’d want to switch into the first person mode. A tap of the L trigger will scan the area for Smiles in the area. It is only after you have performed this scan will the Smiles be visible to you, oh yes, I forgot, the Smile are almost completely invisible to the naked eye and cannot be hurt until you perform this scan and they must be within your field of vision. Once you’ve got a Smile in your sights, proceed to blast away or look for the glowing sweet spot for an instant death. Touchy controls and some stupid load times for some of the characters can throw the frustration level through the roof especially when dealing with multiple Smiles, and some of the later Smiles will take more than bullets to the body to go down, so don’t be surprised if you wind up getting blown to pieces a few times.
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