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posted 8/9/2005 by Matt Mirkovich
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I said it before in my E3 report and I’ll say it again, I love Killer 7, I played it nonstop from start to finish and had the most enjoyable gaming experience I’ve had in a long time. I could go on and on about how much I think this game is everything a gamer needs to play and so on and so forth but then this would be quite the boring read and I’d look like one of those fanboys you see on the internet ranting about how Final Fantasy 7 is the messiah of gaming, and considering how I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, I think I’m entitled to a little raving every now and again.

From the second you put the box in your hands you can tell that this game has something special in it. From the highly stylized graphics, to the downright bizarre story, there is plenty to wrap your hands around when you pick up the controller. There are a few dry moments I can attest to that, I mean I actually did get sick of picking up nothing but “Odd Engraving” items in order to progress but at least it’s a bit more straightforward than “Spade Key” or something like that. Suda 51 has pained himself over the past four years to bring you a gaming experience that borders on art. Even with all the gore, sex, and profanity running rampant in this game you can’t help but feel captivated by the absurdity of it all. Maybe I’ve just lost my mind in the summer drought of gaming, but this game provided me with something new and exciting. Even if it is just a really attractive on-rails shooter.

Straight up, the game is a graphical head-trip. You will never have seen anything before like Killer 7. The cel shaded graphics coupled with the interesting and disturbing character designs makes for a visual tour-de-smith. The locations that you will visit in Killer 7 run the gamut from being a Japanese restaurant to an elementary school, to Texas, yes Texas. The use of color in these locales will at times leave you breathless and at other times will make you wonder if you’re even playing a completed game. It’s a style that you definitely have to get used to but if you’re tired of the realistic look in today’s games then this may just be up your alley. To cleanse the pallet, or dirty it further you’re also going to be treated to a lot of anime, which struck me as a surprise as I was expecting the entire game to show the story with in-game graphics, so color me surprised.

Killer 7 doesn’t just stop with flashy graphics; it also contains a lot of interesting music. The two disc soundtrack was packed with many an interesting electronic tune. From the dance music that plays during your trip to the Coliseum to the funky little number that plays when you’re playing Russian Roulette with a school principal you’re pretty hard pressed to dislike the music. My personal favorite is the strumming of guitars for the track called “Tecks Mecks” that you’ll hear while running the streets of a town in Texas. Voice acting for the game is also spot on, and while it is vulgar you will find the dialogue well acted and interesting.
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