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posted 6/18/2007 by Dan Keener
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I heard you did well in the Gears of War division at the World Cyber Games US Open in New York and qualified for the World Cyber Games Nationals in Orlando, FL.  What was the experience like?
The experience is really an eye opener to anyone that thinks Professional gaming is a fad.  The event had everything from camera crews to interviews.  It was truly amazing to be in that type of atmosphere and be recognized by WCG as one of the major teams in the US.  The Samsung Experience (where tournament was held) is absolutely amazing and everyone on the WCG staff was great.  We’re very excited about our opportunity to compete at Nationals.

Do you have any groupies that follow you around from event to event?
Haha.  I’m not sure we’ve reached that level of stardom in the gaming world.  I would love to say “yes,” but I think it may be awhile before we see any vBi groupies surrounding our team.  We have quite a large community that follows us online, so hopefully we can start seeing them at the events we attend as well.

On average, how many hours a week do you spend playing or practicing a game?
Honestly, it depends on how long I’ve been playing the game.  On Gears of War I only play when my other 3 teammates are online.  I do not need to work on my “individual” skill as much; instead we work on team strategy.  I probably only play 3 hours a day during the weekday, but I think we’ll be practicing more now that MLG has picked up Gears of War.  On average I probably play 5-6 hrs a day on a new game.

When you are not competing or practicing, what gaming communities do you like to hang out at?
I frequently visit,,,, and some of the gaming review sites.  IGN & Gamespot are my favorites!

If one of our readers thinks they are a good enough gamer, is Team vBi looking to expand or take on new members?
We are always looking to expand in competitive titled games.  As I said, we are looking to venture into some other platforms, but we want to make sure we have quality players and quality people that are committed to being the best.
Time for some shameless self-promotion, where can our readers learn more about you, Team vBi and upcoming events will you be participating in?
If you want to get in touch with me shoot me a message on Xbox Live.  My Gamertag is arctic vBi.  I encourage everyone to check out to find out more about my team and to become a part of our community.  We have some very friendly guys and you can always find out where we’ll be!  Also check out if you would like to catch us during an event that you can’t travel to – they have Video on Demand and you’ll be able to watch us anytime.

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