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posted 2/24/2010 by Charles Husemann
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Just Cause 2 was one of the bigger surprises of E3.  Starting off at the top of a beautiful cliff the E3 demo started with Rico Rodriguez jumping off a cliff and then falling down the mountain until he neared the ground and neatly parachuted to safety.  From there we got to see some of the cool new acrobatics he can perform and the new tricks he has up his sleeve with his grappling weapon.  Eager to learn more we pestered the folks representing the game for an interview and here's are the results.

Could you introduce yourself and talk about your role on the project?
My name is Peter Johansson and I’m the lead game designer on the Just Cause 2 project. That means I do a lot of listening, a lot of talking and a lot of explaining why I’ve changed my mind about a particular feature in the game.
Can you give us the high level overview of the plot of the game? If I didn't play the first game will I be lost in Just Cause 2 or not?

The lead character and a few other characters return from the original Just Cause but you don’t need to know anything about it to enjoy Just Cause 2.
Rico Rodriguez, expert in regime change, is back into action and sent to the island nation of Panau in South East Asia on a somewhat different mission. His objective is to hunt down and kill his former boss, friend and mentor Tom Sheldon who has gone rogue and disappeared in Panau with top secret intel and several millions of agency cash.

Panau is run by a ruthless dictator and things soon escalate into a full scale international conflict so Rico can do what he does best, cause some loud and explosive chaos!

What was your process for developing the game? Do you start with the plot points of the game and evolve from there or do you approach it a different way?
For Just Cause 2, we started out by analyzing which areas we wanted to improve from the original game. We wanted to create a completely new and huge game world, but this time make sure to fill it with things to do and create a structure that gives the player an unprecedented freedom to explore and play around. We also wanted to improve combat to make it more challenging and tactical and we wanted to really take Rico’s signature stunts to the extreme.

How has the story changed/evolved since you started development?
The story has been developed gradually throughout the project and organically with the game design and mission design so they have all influence each other.
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