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As more and more products are created that allow s to take our digital life on the road with us, there has been a need to deliver better audio from these palm sized powerhouses. Most of these devices come with basic or proprietary headphones that do not do justice to the quality of audio that they can produce. This is where companies such as JVC have made a mark, such as the high-quality JVC HA-FX300 earbud style headphones.

The Specs

Model JVC HA-FX300 Headphones
Price Range $45 - $99
Driver 8.5mm
Nominal Impedance 16ohms
Frequency Response 8-25,000Hz
Sensitivity 100dB/1mW
Cord Length 3.28ft
Weight (without cord) 0.20 oz

Out of the Box

Like many companies, JVC has adopted a standard “look” for the packaging and presentation of their products when they hit retail shelves. The HA-FX300 package (like most JVC ear buds) display the speaker ends of the headphones though a clear window while the remainder of the package touts the performance.

Included in the FX300 box are the ear buds with attached 3.28ft cord, zippered storage case, three pairs of silicon ear pieces (small, medium and large sizes) and a pair of memory foam ear pieces. Overall, this is a fairly robust amount of included accessories, but something you should expect from the JVC higher end speaker lineup.


The first thing that will catch your attention is that the ear buds simply look cool. Whether it is in the packaging, the storage case or your ear canal, they look like a high-quality audio product. Most buds are nondescript and disappear when they hit the ear canal. With the FX300 and their colors (Red, Black and Gold), they look as good as they sound.

The cord length (3’ 3”) is a bit of a disappointment, as anything less than 4 ft tends to restrict the range of movement. I found that while using them connected to a laptop, iPod or PSP that was in direct vicinity I was in good shape. However, forget about using them for any type of workout or activity where the device they are connected to is not stationary. The cord smply restricts the movement too much unless you buy a 6ft extendor, which may degrade the sound quality.

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