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posted 7/16/2010 by Sean Colleli
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The game might not live up to the high quality of the films, but HVS’s technical prowess is still evident. Iron Man 2 is one of the better looking licensed titles for the Wii, and considering it’s almost certainly limited development timetable HVS has pushed some more flash out of Quantum 3. The various armor suits are all shaded with bump mapping and specular highlighting, as are many of the mechanoids and high-tech enemies you fight.

The same dazzling particle and bloom effects we saw a year ago in Conduit are on full display again, adding that extra element of “wow” to all of Tony Stark’s futuristic (and highly destructive) weapons. The menus are all based on Tony’s holographic lab interface, which makes suit upgrading particularly cool. The game could’ve done with a few extra months of optimization, though, as its framerate dips below 30 FPS on a regular basis.

The sound design is a cut above what you usually get from a licensed game. Both Samuel L. Jackson and John Cheadle reprise their roles from the movie, and a surprisingly convincing Robert Downey Jr. impersonator steps in to voice Tony Stark. Tony’s helpful computer Jarvis is similarly indistinguishable from his film counterpart, although the actress they got to portray Pepper Pots doesn’t sound much like Gwyneth Paltro. The soundtrack is instrumental hard rock for the most part, keeping with the ACDC theme that the movies established, although there isn’t any licensed music from what I heard.

Iron Man 2 for the Wii is a curious departure from most licensed game’s I’ve played, a movie tie-in handled separately from the other consoles by a developer with expertise on the Wii. That said, it’s only a notch above your typical movie game, which isn’t saying a whole lot. If HVS had a while longer to work on it Iron Man 2 could’ve joined the ranks of Spiderman 2 and GoldenEye 007 as a truly memorable movie game, but as it stands the game feels rushed and it doesn’t have much extra content to keep you playing. It makes a good week-long rental, but as talented as HVS is they didn’t have the time to make this one into a must-buy.

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Iron Man 2 is better than your average movie game but it's still rather short and limited in scope. The visuals are great and the controls work well, but I have a feeling HVS could've done a lot more with the property if they had more time to work on the game.

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