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posted 9/20/2005 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus: Can you talk about the different sides in the game?
Jay Eom:
There are 2 major sides who are fighting for the control of Bersia continent: Human Alliance and Dark Legion. Unlike what their names suggest, it’s not about a struggle between the forces of good and evil. They are just two different groups of people fighting for their own reasons. But that’s not all there is to it. Sometimes there are internal conflicts within the same side, and sometimes the two sides collaborate for a common interest. Gameplay wise, the two sides are played very differently. Even seemingly similar units, like Archers and Dark Elf Archers, or Cavalry and Orc Riders, have totally different characteristics and require different strategies.

GamingNexus: What are the biggest additions to this game from the first one? What feature are you most proud of?

Jay Eom: The biggest addition (and my pride) would be the totally rejuvenated Xbox Live features of the game. We’ve really expanded the online features of the original, and included extra features as well.

GamingNexus: Are there features that you wanted to put into the game and couldn’t?
Jay Eom:
During any game’s development cycle, there are always things that had to be cut out due to time constraint. For KUFH, we had quite a few interesting ideas, but the time forced us to postpone them until the next Kingdom Under Fire title.

GamingNexus: Was there any thought to porting this to the Xbox 360 or was it strictly Xbox all the way?
Jay Eom: From the beginning, KUFH was started as an Xbox title. KUFTC was a title that was specifically designed and optimized for Xbox, and with KUFH, we wanted to show the world what we really can do with Xbox.

GamingNexus: How many missions will there be in the single player side of the game?
Jay Eom: In single player mode, there are fifty missions divided up among seven different campaigns of different difficulty settings. When you finish all of them, you can create your own mission through Custom Mission mode. You can easily set up any kind of mission you’d like to play, and the possibility is infinite. If you’re just too lazy to even do that, go to Random Mission mode and the game will create random missions for you. So, all in all, we’re talking endless hours of gameplay in single player mode alone.
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