Ideazon Zboard


posted 8/25/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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One Page Platforms: PC
Innovative. Unique. Brilliant. Just a few of the words that we would use to describe Ideazon’s ZBoard. In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, put down your Pokemon cards and read up, because this is the keyboard that’s set to change the face of PC gaming. Other competitors claim to have the definitive gaming keyboard, but as we’ll explain, adding some lights and bringing the keys closer together might look cool, but it doesn’t neccsarily give the player an advantage. Ideazon’s design doesn’t just look great, but it has some useful functions that go a long way towards giving you the upper hand in twitch-based gaming.

Gaming keyboards are nothing new, but ones that provide actual functionality most certainly are. In the past a number of keyboard solutions have been released, some of which remove the keyboard component entirely (Space Devilfish) and others that look to make the keys more accessible. While these are nice, none of them have truly changed the way that you play the game, but simply just mimics it. This is where the Zboard moves ahead of the competition. Instead of simply replacing the keys or mimicking them, the device places them at your fingertips, making for an all-around improved gaming experience. And while the design isn't perfect, it's probably the best keyboard alternative available on the market today.
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