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posted 3/18/2010 by Dan Keener
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Gaming Impact
After playing for awhile with the V-Screen attached to my PSP, I think the biggest gaming impact is that it makes everything easier to see. I know that it touts extra depth, but simply bringing the action closer to you has major advantages when there is a lot of action on the PSP’s small 3.8” screen. Those that have trouble seeing some of the small images on the screen will find it easier to identify and perform gaming actions such as finding hidden loot or being more accurate with the analog stick.

The Skinny
RealView has produced a unique product for the PSP and it does provide more depth than simply playing games or movies while looking at the screen. Unfortunately, the online price of $49.99 not only seems high, but is $10 more than the original MSRP that RealView announced with the V-Screen. While getting a very nice case (including the optical lens) and cleaning cloth help offset the price, it does seem a bit much for the overall benefit the V-Screen provides. Having said that, anyone that owns a PSP and has trouble seeing all the action on the screen would be wise to pick one up immediately, you will see a difference and experience better game play. For everyone else, the V-Screen probably falls into the category of “nice to have” accessory if it is within your budget.

Miscellaneous Items of Note
• The rubber adapter is for uses with the PSP 2000 and 3000 only
• The screen is on a spring-loaded hinge
• Currently available only at Amazon.com

Testing Methodology
The V-Screen testing was performed with a Sony PSP 1000
Where to Find/Buy
RealView’s V-Screen currently can only be purchased online at Amazon for $49.99.

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