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posted 11/5/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Eidos’ Hitman 47 featured a great concept but was plagued by a plethora of gameplay hitches. Though the idea behind the game was rather excellent, the execution was well below par and although the game garnered a cult following, it eventually faded into obscurity. Well apparently someone at Eidos felt that the game was worth digging up and thus we have Hitman 2, a game that outdoes its predecessor in every single respect.

The idea behind the game is simple; you assume the role of 47, an unstoppable killing machine who acts upon instinct rather than conscience. There’s a storyline thrown into the fray but of course, who really plays an action game for the story? If you want story go watch one of those cheesy Sundance films, come back when you’ve decided to grow a set of testicles. If you’re looking for intense action and hard-nosed action you’ve come to the right place. You’ll have plenty of weapons to play with, all of which serve their rightful purpose in slaughtering and maiming your opponents.

You’ll get rifles, machine-guns, sniper rifles, pistols and of course the always-lethal piano wire of DOOM. Unlike other games of the genre, each of them makes a significant impact in the game’s combat. Combat in the game is extremely entertaining thanks to the excellent over the top action that populates the title. Shooting your enemies won’t just result in their boring and uneventful death. Most of the time they’ll be blasted into orbit after each kill or at least they’ll die in a correct way in accordance with their surroundings. Shooting an enemy near a railing won’t result in him just simply keeling over but instead, he’ll slump over the railing and eventually slide down it on his trip to the hard and unforgiving pavement. Hitman is perhaps most famous for those dual guns that he is most often seen carrying. Simply named “ballers” those guns pay homage to the dual pistols that Eidos’ own Lara Croft is notoriously known for. Let’s just hope that Eidos isn’t planning a Hitman: Back in HotPants add-on pack anytime soon. I’m not sure if the world is ready for it yet.

Oddly enough, you can actually see your bullets after they have been fired. It gives the game a really cartoonish and unrealistic feel that is heavily out of place in this nitty gritty shooter. The slower trajectory of the bullets lead to a few problems when I tried to pick off targets that were more than 10 feet away from me. Oddly enough, it seems like the bullets actually travel much too slow for their own good, I tried to hit a moving patrol man on a balcony and I had to aim a bit ahead of him so that I could hit him. In essence, he was actually walking into the path of my bullet, not a good sign. I’d understand if this were with a sniper rifle at 100 yards but this is a 9mm at about 10-15 feet, this shouldn’t be happening.

Speaking of stupidity, the AI could have benefited from a little more quality time. Most of the time they’ll simply run at you and leave themselves exposed. It’s almost as if they have targets painted on them that have the words “shoot me” on them. Combat in the game, although pretty fun, simply should not be this simple. I was able to mow down hordes of enemies without much difficulty. This is a game that prides itself on stealth and quasi-realism; I don’t quite understand why it would be so easy to mow down endless hordes of enemies. At times I had to check the packaging to make sure that I wasn’t playing Serious Sam.
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