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posted 8/12/2010 by Tina Amini
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Fortunately, you amass a greater amount of health given your numerous self-destructive dolls. Although the number of dolls fluctuates depending on the difficulty setting, the team of them still lends a leniency that the other two titles do not. As you progress, you’ll encounter dolls that have more abilities and more effective ammunition types rather than just Leaf that can self-destruct to give massive damage to surrounding enemies in your process of destroying the scientific empire.

Following in sequence, Gundemonium Recollection covers the story of society’s advancement in using philosopher’s stones. The power of alchemy begins to bring about a new age. These stones were found in hell, and the Demonium army attacked in full force after said stones were seized. The stones were used to fight the demons, until the 7th Demonium emerged and captured the main defender against them. As you progress through the levels of this particular title, you will partake in missions to help rescue survivors and investigate suspicious disappearances, all while continuing your rain of bullet storms against your enemies.

Gundemonium Recollection is unique in its selection of playable characters. Based on degrees of speed, mana abilities and weapon types, you can experience the chapters of battling the threat of alchemy in a completely different way. I had initially started out with traditional style revolvers and the ability to call out a helpful (but temporary) friend, as well as an equipped bomb. On a second playthrough, however, I stumbled on a character that equips a powerful laser beam. Even more exciting, my character would react to every hit taken with the automatic release of a dragon that traverses the screen to attack my enemies in a fit of rage (read: awesome).

A lot of this particular title’s gameplay relies on mazes formed by ammunition, shrapnel, etc. while lined with enemies. The quicker you defeat the enemies surrounding said maze, the sooner the maze will dissipate. At the same time, however, you will in effect encounter a different slew of enemies near the end of that level if you’ve managed to clear the mazes fast enough. Fortunately, navigating the mazes is easier given the concept of your heart as a weak spot. So long as nothing damages your heart, you can allow the rest of your body to be hit or collided with.

Enemies range in oddity from flying and flaming swords to bunny rabbits to pumpkins to asteroids. The typical tougher enemy, however, will generally be an animated and scantily clothed female. You can assume from what little clothes she does wear that she is possibly a furry, complete with tail and ears. Boss levels will combine their tough and/or large physique with a set of these other creatures.

If you were looking for the most diverse of the three, Gundemonium Recollection takes that reward home with the most interesting and versatile playable characters, as well as a slew of laughter-inducing enemies. Compared to GundeadliGne, however, Gundemonium Recollection contains a harsher set of gameplay rules. Although you can continue a failed game at the last attempted level with all three hearts intact, you have only those three to continue to survive with.
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