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posted 11/15/2007 by John Yan
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Guitar Hero III features 71 songs featuring a hit from every decade since the 60s. I really like the selection in the series as they have music to appeal to all sorts of tastes. Guitar Hero III features the most master tracks of any series and there are even some songs that were redone by the original artists. The Sex Pistols and Living Color are two bands that went in and re-recorded their songs adding new elements to them as well. For example, there's an entirely new guitar solo for the song Cult of Personality that's sure to have your fingers moving like crazy. Quality of the songs though are a hit or miss with some songs have long areas of no guitar playing whatsoever. There are others such as My Name is Jonas by Wheezer that's really repetitive. Some songs just seem really difficult even at an easier setting. There are songs that you can only unlock when playing cooperatively and there are songs just for CPU battle modes. Why Neversoft decided to only let a few songs be playable in Boss battle mode is beyond me other than to charge you a few bucks later to download the song for everyone to play. I think it's a poor decision and I believe that if a song is in the game in some form, you should be able to enjoy it in any mode. As for the co-op only songs, what if you don't have someone else to play with? You're not going to experience all the songs available and that's a shame.

With the change of developer, the look of the game has changed as well. While the two previous game had a more cartoony direction, Guitar Hero III has a sharper edge to the characters. Some may like the look, some won't but you'll be spending most of the time looking at the note line anyways instead of what the characters look like on screen. The animations for the singer and guitar players are pretty good but the drummer looks really stiff. He seems so wooden or robotic and a little out of place with the way the other characters move on stage. A few new characters are introduced as God and the Devil are two of the few purchasable characters in the game. Not only has the character design changed but the indicators for the multiplier and Star power as well.

While the game's subtitled Legends of Rock, there aren't that many Legends that you can face off or play with at all. Slash and Tony Morello are two Boss battles but that's it. Brett Michaels lends his likeness to the game but other than those three making an appearance, there's no other Legend featured. You do get to use Slash and Tony when you unlock them so that's one good thing. The Legends do come into play with the master recordings and new recordings by the original artists. Metallica, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Living Color, and Guns N' Roses are some of the Legends that do lend their original sounds to the game.

The game's also the first to actually come with a wireless guitar bundled in. For the Xbox 360, you just link it up like any other 360 wireless controller and you're ready to go. It features a nice detachable neck so that you can take it with you easier. The front plate can also be interchanged with others if you see one design that you really like to have. On the bottom edge is a place to plug in a wired headset if you want to talk with people on Xbox Live. Unlike the initial Guitar Hero II guitars, the whammy bar on the ones included in Guitar Hero III feel solid making it reliable to use. Now, there have been reports of the contacts in the removable neck being loose on some and on one of the guitars I used for the game, the Green button had problems registering so not everything's all rosy with the guitars for the game. Another guitar I had had some responsiveness problems and plugging in a wired guitar allowed me to play the song a little better. Strumming up and down seems to also have issues where it wouldn't register sometimes that you strummed. And then there's a problem I had where the guitar registers multiple strums when only one is done. It seems to be pretty inconsistent on when it happens and it happens a lot less when playing on the easier levels. Some problems seem to be because of the guitar but I suspect some might be with the program. The reason I say this is a test I did with the PlayStation 3 version and you can read about it in my review of that platform. Still, playing with a wireless guitar is really nice and when it works it works well. I did have a lot less problems with the 360 version than the PS34 version. Not having to be tethered to the console is a great feeling and I was able to get the score I expected with it. With the 360 having rechargeable controllers, it's a shame that the guitars use regular batteries. You'll have to rely on your own rechargeables but I would've liked too have seen something like Nyko's Frontman where it has a built in charger for rechargeable batteries and one could recharge it with a USB cable. It's not surprising that Red Octane is selling a recharge kit for the guitar though.

There are some nice little additions and I do like the fact that there are more master tracks. Guitar Hero III is a fun game to play (when the guitar is accurate) but it doesn't add anything really new to the series. You do get some great songs, wireless guitar, boss battles, career co-op, and online play. The fact that some songs aren't playable other than in Boss Battles and that they left out online career co-op mode as well as troubles with some of the wireless guitars makes Guitar Hero III an above average game. The new battle mode has potential but needs some tweaking. While the formula works, it's starting to get a little stale so while I fully expect to see a Guitar Hero IV I hope the developer takes the game and add something truly new to the series.

New songs, wireless guitar, and an online mode but the guitar is a little inconsistent and the online mode is a little broken. Still fun but starting to get a little stale.

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