Grand Theft Auto Vice City


posted 6/19/2003 by Charles Husemann
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The sound in the game is top notch. From all of the classic 80’s music to the voice work the sound people at Rockstar did an amazing job with the game. The voice work in the game utilizes a lot of Hollywood celebrities and the casting is top notch. Ray (“Goodfellas”) Liota voices Tommy and brings a perfect grittiness to the role. Burt Reynolds plays a corrupt Real Estate Baron and Tom Sizemore voices crime lord Sonny Forelli. Finally Philip Michael Thomas makes an appearance, you remember him…he was in Miami Vice and uh…., gimme a second….not much else. He does add an extra bit of 80’s nostalgia and it’s a nice touch on Rockstar’s part.

The game is a blast but it has some drawbacks. The biggest is that Tommy can’t swim, and in a city surrounded by water that can be a bit of a problem. There were a couple of occasions where I had completed a mission and missed a turn and Tommy ended up in the drink and I had to go back and replay the mission. The other big gripe is that the game occasionally would hang as it accessed the CD, I’m not sure if it was loading music or if it’s part of the copy protection scheme but it was annoying to be cruising along and have the game hang for a few seconds. The save game system relies on save points through out the city, another hold over from the console that’s a bit limiting but once you get further into the game it is not much of a problem. The game only crashed on me twice so the stability issues that plagued Grand Theft Auto III for the PC seemed to have been fixed (although your mileage may vary).

I'm king of the world!

Overall, this is probably one of the best games I’ve played so far this year. With it’s wide variety of gameplay and open-ended structure, the game provides a lot of bang for the buck. While the content of the game is not for everyone (the game is rated M for a reason), it’s a lot of fun and a vicarious thrill ride.

Except for a few small glitches, this is one the most entertaining games available for the PC. With a strong M rating this game is strictly something that only adults should enjoy.

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