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posted 10/24/2011 by Sean Cahill
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Platforms: 360 PS3
While I was at the GoldenEye:Reloaded press event a few weeks ago I had the chance to talk about the game with Rob Matthews of Eurocom, the Project Manager for the game.  Here's a transcript of our talk about the game.  

First off, when it comes to the game, why don't you give us the general overview of what the idea was behind Goldeneye: Reloaded. We obviously saw it on the Wii last year and now we are moving into the next gen systems.
One of the first things we picked up on when we released it for the Wii was the questions we received about why was it for the Wii and not for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as well. We responded to that as we have taken the Wii version and moved it over and given it a brand new engine, an engine that runs at 60 frames a second and, of course, brings in high definition gaming. We also have a new multiplayer that supports sixteen players online. We've been hard at work over the last year bringing Goldeneye: Reloaded to life.

When we go to the single player mode, obviously the old gamers who know the name Goldeneye from the Nintendo 64; What is it that they will notice in this version that compares to the N64 version?
The primary idea with Reloaded was to re-imagine the story from the original film. We have taken the original storyline and put in a new cast, some new locations, and tweaked the story to make it a little more contemporary. There are some simple homages to the original N64 title. The most obvious is that we have taken the original four-player splitscreen, which everyone knows and loves. There are some other little things in there as well for fans of the original as well.



I have definitely had my time with the splitscreen, which is fantastic as it brings up old memories. Getting into the multiplayer now, obviously including the four-player splitscreen that is in there for the nostalgia factor, but including the sixteen player online multiplayer, what is it that you think you are most proud of with the title?
We have a great variety of game modes. I can't name all of them off the top of my head, but there is a great deal of new content for gamers. There are new and classic maps as well as the classic characters to choose from, such as Oddjob and Jaws. There are signature weapons like the gold plated revolver from Goldfinger and Doctor Kananga's Shark Pistol. There is a lot of great content in there, just like in the original and from 50 years of Bond.


We always remember from the original game the phrase “No Oddjobs allowed” in multiplayer, but Oddjob is in there, along with Jaws, 006, and other characters from the game. Could you tell us a little bit about who worked with you on the title? We have seen Daniel Craig as James Bond in this title which maybe old gamers aren't prepare for but perhaps you could give us the process of deciding the models for the title?
When it comes to James Bond, there is only one James Bond at a time, so we have respected that. Daniel Craig has been fantastic in the films and, because he is the current Bond actor, Daniel Craig is James Bond in Goldeneye Reloaded. We also have Judi Dench as the voice of M as well as Rory Kinnear who was in Quantum of Solace as Bil Tanner. We have a lot of input from the people at Eon Productions, so Goldeneye Reloaded definitely has the authenticity of a James Bond title. You couldn't get any more because it has that many people working in the films actually working alongside of us with the title.

When we look at the weaponry, there are some similarities and differences, such as a version of the PP7 in this title. Everyone has their favorites from the original game, such as the RC-P90 and the Klobb. Can you tell us about the updated weaponry?
We have a great selection of weapons to choose from. There are a great variety, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns. Some pay homage to the weapons from the original game and we have some new ones as well to go along with the signature weapons we included from past films and the original title. There are a lot of great weapons to choose from.


We are looking at a holiday release title with Goldeneye: Reloaded, correct?
November 1 in the United States.

I'd like to thank Rob for taking the time to talk to us about his game.

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