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posted 11/2/2010 by Sean Colleli
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On the audio side, you can expect an authentic James Bond experience. Activision hired David Arnold, composer on every Bond film since Tomorrow Never Dies, to assist in composing the game’s music. The result is suitably brassy and exactly what you’d expect to hear in a Bond movie, but dynamically grafted to the game’s ebb and flow of action. I really enjoyed the game’s music but couldn’t help feel nostalgic for the N64 game’s soundtrack. For that game, Graeme Norgate constructed distinct tracks for each level, mixing in sound cues from Eric Serra’s admittedly avante-garde score from the GoldenEye film. The N64 game’s eclectic tracks gave each level that much more of a distinct personality, and while I miss those old synth melodies David Arnold’s score for the new game gives it more of a traditional Bond sound than either the N64 game or even the original movie.

The voice acting is equally excellent. While Daniel Graig and Judi Dench reprise their roles with typical aplomb, EON Productions has done an admirable job recasting all of the other characters. While I still prefer Sean Bean’s icy portrayal of Alec Trevelyan in the film, the new actors put a unique spin on the roles. I just wish I could’ve seen more of them, particularly Trevelyan, Natalya, Xenia and Valentin. In any case, with both Dead Space Extraction and GoldenEye, Eurocom has proven that they are almost peerless in translating actor performances to digital models with eerie realism. Their motion capture artists must be some of the best in the industry.

At a point when the Wii’s life is winding down, Eurocom has delivered one of the console’s defining experiences. When I heard they were remaking my favorite game of all time and changing so much in the process, I was skeptical and a little bitter. It turns out that crafting a whole new GoldenEye from the ground up was the only option—the only way to do the original justice and the only way to create a compelling modern game. The new GoldenEye is one of those gaming events that you just can’t afford to pass up. No matter what console allegiance you swear by or what you think of the Wii, like Red Steel 2 and Mario Galaxy GoldenEye is a game you just have to play. So dust off those Wii remotes and prepare to start the addiction all over again. GoldenEye is back. Get your friends.

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Instead of standing in the original GoldenEye's shadow, Eurocom has created a brand new game that is just as compelling and addictive as the original. An expertly produced story mode and an engrossing multiplayer make the new GoldenEye one of the best experiences on any console this holiday. Round up your friends and get ready to get hooked all over again, GoldenEye 007 is back.

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