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posted 11/2/2010 by Sean Colleli
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The Dam level starts off pretty explosively with that truck chase, but we’ve heard that levels can be played stealthily too. Is it possible to sneak through that sequence, and what stealth options are available in other levels? Are these two separate paths in the game or just different approaches to the same level? How did you balance between the two styles of game play?
That sequence in particular is designed to throw the player into a high-octane encounter. As touched on earlier, player choice is one of the key pillars for GoldenEye though, and although the player sometimes finds themselves in sticky situations like this, in the majority of them, the player is given the choice as to whether they play covertly or as an all-out firefight. I say “majority” here because levels like the Tank Chase are always going to be all-out action. James Bond would not be sneaking through the streets in a top secret heavy armored weapon while chasing Orumov - he’s going to get the job done! In the end, the balancing act was pretty easy; let the player choose how they want to play, covertly or as a firefight. The goal is to always have them both.

We’ve seen that Scaramanga’s Golden Gun is back, and renaming the infamous Klobb after SPECTRE agent Rosa Klebb was a stroke of genius. Will we see other classic guns return, like the golden PP7 and Moonraker laser? Were there weapons that had to be changed because they created balance issues or just did not work with the new game?

Daniel Craig brings a refreshed view of James Bond so, no, there will not be a Moonraker laser in the game, but there will be quite a few other recognizable weapons. The key is to allow player to pick their own favorites not based on a namesake, but on how much they actually like a weapon. There will be some blasts from the past in there for sure but we want players to have the ability to define new favorites for themselves. They will have no shortage of choices I can assure you.

Classic cheats like paintball mode or the “big hands” mode that replaced big heads have shown up in the new game as multiplayer options. Will the new game have dedicated unlockable cheats like the N64 game, or are you working most of those into clever options and easter eggs like the ones we’ve seen?

The multiplayer experience has been of the utmost importance to the team. No one was under any illusions that the multiplayer game could be anything short of exceptional. Between the unique game modes for both online and offline gameplay, in addition to all the different modifiers that can be enabled, there are literally hundreds of different game types to create and choose from. That being said, there are a few ‘locked’ modes that players will have to discover for themselves through ranking-up online. There’s a lot of cool stuff in there.

What is the multiplayer map selection like? Are classics like Temple, Complex and Stacks returning, and what kind of new maps can we expect?

There are 10 online maps and 10 offline split screen maps. As I mentioned before, which I think is particularly true for multiplayer, the experience has to be fresh or people return to their old habits. This can lead toward unfair and unnecessary advantages. There are no classic maps from the original game. All the maps needed reimagining for the new locations, the new controls, and game mechanics. The team really wants everyone to re-experience GoldenEye again for the first time. This game isn’t nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia. It stands on its own two feet.

Is there any hope of seeing the fabled “all Bonds” mode that was cut from the N64 game, which would have let you play as the various 007-portraying actors in multiplayer?
There’s not - it would just be stretching the fiction a bit too far, really, and it’s really not our place to say who would win in a Bond v Bond scenario. Some things are sacred!
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