God of War 2 screenshots


posted 9/5/2006 by John Yan
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Platforms: PS2
God of War is one of my favorite PS2 games and when I saw the cut scene of the Barbarian King, I knew he'd be making an appearance in the second game. Check out these new screenshots of the man that Kratos killed due to the help of Ares.

God of War 2

The Barbarian King Boss (the same character that almost kills Kratos before the intervention of Ares during God of War ) has returned for the underworld to change his fate, mounted on his hell spawned horse, he makes a very deadly foe -  he is intent on charging and running down Kratos. Making him pay for defeating him in the past. But the Barbarian King did not come back from the underworld alone. He brought his minions back as well, forcing Kratos to dispatch them by chopping off their legs and then cutting off there heads, in order to get at the Barbarian King himself. Since there last encounter, Kratos has a few new tricks of his own. Using the wind bow magic in an attempt to beat on the mounted Barbarian King while keeping him at a distance, in the hopes of avoiding his deadly charge attack. It is easier said than done. Now the Barbarian King gets really pissed off and after absorbing the souls of his dispatched minions grown to a size towering over Kratos. After dealing blow after blow to the Barbarian King, Kratos is able to weaken the Barbarian King to a low enough state to engage him in a final mini game struggle. But look out, even in his weakened state the Barbarian King along with his Hammer is still very formidable foe. Kratos has to react fast to avoid being pummeled by the numerous hammer swings. The Barbarian King will not die easily a second time.

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