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posted 8/7/2007 by Charles Husemann
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Outside of the single player campaign the game also features a battle mode where you can setup your own battles against the computer.  This mode allows you to configure almost every detail of your game from the level of technology down to the number of AI pilots to how involved you want to be in unit selection.  It's not a bad mode and it gives you a chance to try out strategies but it's not overly challenging unless you really stack the deck against yourself. 
The game also ships with a decent multiplayer mode where you can battle it out against 8 other people.  Of course this will require a good deal of teamwork as you have to divvy up into one of the two teams which could add some nice elements to the game.  I did not get a chance to try this part of the game out as I was unable to locate other people who had a copy of the game to play with and against but it does seem like it could be a lot of fun coordinating attacks and supporting each other.

The graphics aren't exactly pushing the limits of the DS but they are effective.  I did occasionally have some issues distinguishing the differences between infantry and civilians but it wasn't too much of an issue (that's my excuse when I accidentally bombed them).  The audio on the other hand is top notch.   While the audio effects are above average the score for the game is top notch and features a very rousing military theme.

There are a few frustrations with the game and the biggest one is that it can be tough to manage your units and fly at the same time.  Picking and flying the units isn't hard it's that you have to manage the spacing of the units as you deploy them.  Sure you can deploy five tanks by selecting them and hitting the purchase button but that deploys them all in one big group which can be taken out easily by the enemies.  Instead you have to wait between button pushes in order to get the best spacing between units.  You can deploy a squad of tanks by pushing the B button which helps  manage this somewhat but you still have to manage spacing a bit with the other units.  This is especially critical for the re-arming units as they need a lot of space around them because when they get destroyed they will take out any units around them.  It's a bit annoying that they couldn't automate this at least partially.

My other frustration is that you can't switch back and forth between flying a plane and flying the helicopter during a mission.  There are a lot of times when it would be great to make the switch but that just isn't built into the game.  It's not a real killer but I would have loved to have that opportunity during the single player campaign and I'm guessing it would be a very cool feature for multiplayer.
I missed it in the tutorials but you can switch back and forth between a helicopter and jet by pushing the select button when you land.  This only works in multiplayer and during the last two missions of the single player campaign.

Glory Days is a real pleasant surprise and something that I really didn't expect to be as good as it was.  The game isn't perfect but those looking for a solid DS game with a lot of action and a hint of strategy should check out Glory Days 2.

A solid action/strategy title that DS owners should at least try once. It's not a perfect game but it's a lot of fun while it lasts

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