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posted 1/2/2009 by The GN Staff
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Best DLC you came across?

Probably Netflix on the Xbox 360 or possibly the DLC map pack that shipped with Gears of War 2. – Elliot Bonnie

As of now, the New Xbox Experience takes the cake. I really like the complete overhaul of the system, significant performance improvements and the launch of new features like Netflix and the avatars. – Dan Keener

Braid by far. But then it was the only thing other than castle crashers I downloaded this year. – Nathan Murray

CD Projekt RED put a lot of love into The Witcher Enhanced Edition for the PC -- and I guess the myriad improvements, from more native English translations to shortened load times, count as DLC since it was free to anyone that had purchased the original retail version of The Witcher.
– Randy Kalista

I finally got a Cult song on Rock Band 2, sure there were tons of other great DLC out there but this was really the only one I was looking forward to. – Charles Husemann

Valve’s constant updates and tweaks for Team Fortress 2 are always a nice surprise, especially when they include new maps or weapons and balances for the classes. Considering Valve’s inability to deliver frequent episodic gaming (Half Life 2’s episodes feel more like dragged-out mini-sequels), it’s nice to know Gabe Newell is doing something besides counting his money. – Sean Colleli

All the updates to Team Fortress 2 including maps were great fun and free as well! – John Yan

I love me some Oblivion Mods, that's why I choose PC versions of games when I can. – Eva Sines

Hard to Handle by the Black Crowes for Rock Band – Ben Berry

Girls on Film by Duran Duran, that bass-line rules. – Matt Mirkovich

Maybe I'm just boring, but for me 2008 was all about the Rock Band DLC. Last year we knew that they intended to unload a few new songs every week, but I had no idea the amount of variety and depth that Harmonix would hit. This year alone we've had full albums from The Pixies and the Foo Fighters, plus great song packs from The Who, Nirvana, Dead Kennedy's, Mission of Burma, and so many more. All of this would have been useless had it not been for the fact that it was fully compatible with Rock Band 2. Because of this I have no problem justifying my purchase of well over 150 Rock Band songs. And the truth is, I'm going to keep buying up these songs until Harmonix gives me a reason not to. – Cyril Lachel
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