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posted 1/2/2009 by The GN Staff
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Most visually stunning game or game environment you came across?

Probably Gears of War 2, but there were a lot of pretty games this year. Fallout 3 and Dead Space are also beautiful and very impressive. – Elliot Bonnie
While trolling around the back woods in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, I cam across this serene setting that had some ruins, a pond and lots of foliage. I was struck but how life-like the environment looked and how real the water appeared to be. The game continues to amaze me even after being on the market for so long. – Dan Keener

The opening scenes of Dead Space are wonderful and breath taking adding a stark contrast to the horrible conditions in the ship and on the planet surface. – Nathan Murray

Ubisoft Montreal has done it two years in a row for me. Last year it was Damascus, Jerusalem and Acre in Assassin’s Creed. This year, it’s the new Prince of Persia. Even the screenshots vibrate with an energy and an intensity that most games can’t even fathom during live playtime. The art style and artistic direction just hums.– Randy Kalista

The first ten minutes or so of LittleBigPlanet sets the tone nearly perfectly for the game. Between the narration of Stephen Fry and the cool intro that showed you everyone who worked on the game it really established the right mood and tone for the game. – Charles Husemann

For sheer artistic beauty, Okami on the Wii beats just about anything else, even the raw visuals of Gears 2. I know the game was released on PS2 over two years ago, but its art style is still breathtaking and it’s one of the few games that have made me boot up my Wii from time to time. – Sean Colleli

Gears of War 2 is really coming to the top of my head. The game looks beautiful and there were a few parts where I just turned around and admired the architecture and textures. – John Yan

This is hard because so many games have art direction. I really love the intricate details lavished on LOTRO: Mines of Moria and the ethereal style of The Chronicles of Spellborn is stunning. – Eva Sines

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, visually stunning because it is still PS1 era graphics in 1080p. – Matt Mirkovich

I know that when most people think of what is visually stunning, it's easy to think about the huge battle scenes in Gears of War II or the gritty feeling of Call of Duty: World at War. However, for me there were two games that stood above the rest of the crowd when it came to graphics and game environments. The first game is Braid, Jonathan Blow's 2D masterpiece. The game's hand drawn graphics and stylish setting is unlike anything I've ever seen before. What really sets these visuals apart is how they continue to grow and expand, always surprisingly with what they can do. Another game I feel is worth mentioning is Mirror's Edge, EA's somewhat flawed action game. On paper the graphics may not look like anything different from a standard first-person shooter, but when you see the game in motion it's hard not to be impressed with what DICE was able to accomplish. When the mere act of opening a door is something you can talk about for an extended length of time, then you know the game's graphics are worth writing about. – Cyril Lachel
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