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posted 12/31/2008 by The GN Staff
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What was the most jaw-dropping gaming news item you came across?

Final Fantasy XIII headed to the Xbox 360. – Elliot Bonnie

It was probably the announcement that the last great holdout of the non-SCEA PlayStation exclusives would be hitting the Xbox 360. I don’t think half the people in the crowd at E3 figured it out until about 15 seconds into the trailer that Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360. – Dan Keener

Ghostbusters being (temporarily) cancelled. I really love the movies and can’t wait for the game. – Nathan Murray

As a long-time Sony hater, I was excited to see that Final Fantasy was coming to the Xbox. Not that I’m excited to see JRPGs, no-no; I’m excited to see a major pillar fall out from underneath the Japanese Giant. – Sean Nack

With Activision cutting off the much-anticipated Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend from the publishing queue -- all while keeping Crash Bandicoot and The Legend of Spyro, for heavens’ sake -- I knew immediately that Activision was to be a new blight upon the video game industry. Two fresh, exciting IPs guillotined in favor of two stale, undeserving washouts.– Randy Kalista

I was pretty surprised that the ESA decided to return E3 to its old format after such a lackluster show this year. I’m hoping they find a perfect middle point between the various points this year but to have all the big publishers’ change direction on the decision they made two years ago was kind of stunning. – Charles Husemann

It might not have concerned a game, but Jack Thompson’s permanent disbarment was pretty jaw-dropping. The guy had managed to sleaze his way out of the consequences so many times before, so it was fantastic to see all of his bluster, insults, threats and unprofessional behavior come back to bite him, as all the important people he’d offended returned to gang up on him. – Sean Colleli

Seeing the news that Phil Harrison was leaving to go to Atari was pretty jaw dropping for me. – John Yan

I am always appalled when I read an article about a crime that blames videogames instead of the depraved psychotic that stabbed, shot or maimed someone else. – Eva Sines

We've elected a president who had the presence of mind (or staff with such) that advertised in video games specifically to remind gamers to take time away on Election Day to vote. – Ben Berry

Chrono Trigger being re-released this year for Nintendo DS. – Matt Mirkovich

Maybe not a piece of gaming news, per se, but for me the most jaw-dropping moment of the year happened at the Nintendo Press Conference, held just before the 2008 E3 Media & Business Summit. Nintendo has always been a little hit or miss, but this year it felt like they would have something big for us gaming-types to get excited about. We didn't know what, but on the heels of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy, the idea of a new Pikmin, Punch-Out, or Kid Icarus danced in our heads. Perhaps I should have known I was going to be disappointed when I realized that in order to get to this 7 am event, I would need to wake up at 5 am and then commute half way across Los Angeles. To make matters worse, Nintendo decided against giving us any kind of food or drinks before (or after) the event. Instead we were herded into the Kodak Theater to witness each and every one of the Nintendo team make a fool out of themselves. The entire event felt like one huge train wreck; from Wii Music to the lack of any Nintendo DS announcements to Animal Crossing looking exactly like the GameCube version to the fact that Nintendo actually thought that this is what we wanted to see at 7 am. It was pathetic, easily the worst press conference I have ever been to. It wasn't just jaw-dropping, it actually made me physically angry. How dare they waste my time? How dare they waste any of our time? – Cyril Lachel
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