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posted 12/31/2008 by The GN Staff
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Rather than do the standard best of article, we decided to come up with our top gaming memories from 2008.  The idea took on a life of it's own and the results speak for themselves. 

Funniest gaming moment you experienced or witnessed?

I was watching John and Chuck test out Saint’s Row 2 on the PS3 and John kept tea bagging every person he shot, but it got old after about ten minutes (he did it a lot!). So that leaves the logical choice of watching Chuck belt out “Call Me” by Blondie on Rock Band at his annual 4th of July party. You had to be there, but this clip gives a pretty good rendition. – Dan Keener

Playing the final level of Assassin’s Creed and having the game glitch on me. I was fighting along a clone of myself for a while and then when all the enemies where gone me and my clone battled to the death with mirrored moves. – Nathan Murray

My Hetero-Life/Gaming-Partner Zac and I were rolling through Left 4 Dead when we come upon a Witch. I was in the process of sneaking up on her after he and I cleared the rest of the room, with Zac on the high ground with his sniper rifle. “Hey,” he says, “I think I can take her.” “Your call,” I acknowledge. He takes his shot, and it wounds but doesn’t kill; the Witch Usain Bolt’s right past me, and what follows is the transcript of Zac’s plaintive screams as the Witch chases him halfway down the map: <BAM> “Oh. Oh God. Oh f*ck. OH!! AAH! AAAAH!” <throws a molotov> “BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH! WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING>! AAH!...and I’m dead.” – Sean Nack

Sean Nack is a close personal friend and one of our newest writers at Gaming Nexus. He stayed the weekend of my 30th birthday in October, and it was game time. I placed Dead Space in the drive and made sure the lights were out and that the room was chilly. Even though the sci-fi horror had already made my nerves shot, Sean’s time with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan had grown him significantly larger … juevos … than mine. One Dead Space Necromorph was at the end of a hallway and started trudging away at a broken pace. Rather than sit out the darkly-lit and confusing situation, Sean advanced quickly on the snarling creature as it disappeared around a corner, and drawing upon his military training, Sean yelled out “Hey! Present yourself as a target!” – Randy Kalista

The funniest moment I think I've witnessed this year has to be when Chuck and I were playing Army of Two. The AI can get a little wonky at times but the one in particular was seeing one of the enemies try to take cover. What happened was we killed everyone but one and there was a barrier that he was hiding behind. He must have been confused on where Chuck and I was because the next thing we saw was the guy hop over the barrier, run back around, duck and hop ever again. He repeated this over and over while Chuck and I were laughing our asses off. – John Yan

My partner and I discovered a floating green onion in Lord of the Rings Online – Eva Sines
I know it's kind of lame but I laughed my ass off when I created my "Crack Whore Wendy" character for Saints Row 2.  There's really nothing like defiling a major corporate icon for laughs. - Charles Husemann

My fiancées reaction the first time I made her character 'explode' in the demo of Lego Indiana Jones. – Ben Berry

Having my partner crush me with a car in Gears of War 2. – Matt Mirkovich

At this year's E3 Media & Business Summit I had the pleasure of being invited to the Konami Press Conference. The event was exactly what I expected, a series of short videos showing off Konami's biggest 2008 games, such as a couple of new Castlevania games, Silent Hill and a new Track 'n Field game. But nothing could prepare me for what would be the single biggest press conference failure of all time. I'm of course talking about Rock Revolution. To start things off, Konami introduced their big music game by first bringing out The Sheenas, an all girl Ramones cover band. From there the idea was to transition from the real band to the fake band, all playing Rock Revolution. Unfortunately only two people remained on stage, the product managers and some random dude on the drums. Although the drummer knew what he was doing, the product manager failed out at around the 50% mark. That's right, they failed. They lost the song. And to make matters worse, they thanked the audience and then ended the press conference. It's one of those events where you hate laughing at them, but there is nothing funnier than watching the game developers fail at their own game! – Cyril Lachel
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