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posted 9/21/2009 by Tina Amini
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Another girl that plays World of Warcraft?! I might be deprived, because I have yet to meet a female gamer companion. It’s a sad story, I know, because they are definitely out there. LIGHTS, the electropop musician from Canada, is just one such public figure of a(nother) awesome female gamer. If you don’t already know her by her music and intriguing sci-fi-esque music videos, you will now most certainly remember her by her other title: gamer extraordinaire. I just made that up, but I think it will stick.

While music has ultimately become her life, gaming is also a huge part of it. I got a chance to interview LIGHTS and talk to her about her favorite game, World of Warcraft. Incidentally, WoW is also my favorite – or rather my biggest addiction – as well (once you go Warcraft, you never go back). Even though we’re technically supposed to vie for the other’s death (she’s Alliance, I’m Horde), I’m happy to see her be associated with the “tribe” (as she termed it) of gamer chicks. She clearly really loves to game, which is the only priority in my book as to what makes you a gamer at heart, and has some thoughtful outlooks on the gaming world to boot. LIGHTS – you just became my new best friend. Rendezvous at Dalaran tomorrow?

How did you get into gaming?
You know it’s funny. It kind of was the next step that was supposed to happen you know that started with this fascination for Sci-Fi that my mom introduced me to. My mom’s a big geek too; we used to have Sci-Fi nights together growing up. And I realized there was this other world that you could drift into and come up with the craziest ideas and be as imaginative as you could and it was all justified by the fact that it was Sci-Fi and fantasy. And then, as I continued I started drawing comics and then getting into comics and then I discovered World of Warcraft and I dove head first into that. And it led to many other games. Warcraft is my main one, but I also play a lot on Xbox. A lot of combat games like Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe and UFC and I’m really liking Dead Space. I realized that I delved into it, wondering why I got so into it, when... I don’t have that much spare time as it is but on my spare time I do spend in it and it’s because I mean as a musician when your job and your hobby and your life and everything that you do for fun becomes your job then your job becomes who you are and you can’t really take a weekend off of that so your only chance to sort of to be someone else is to be into gaming and that’s a whole other world. Be the person who you want to be, somebody else for a bit and it’s the coolest thing ever and it’s very inspiring for me as well.

Is World of Warcraft your favorite game?

At the moment yeah, I actually 5 minutes ago just finished running the new instance Trial of the Champion and it was really fun. I just got a new cape, it was a big deal.

So are you in a guild?
I have two level 80s and I’m in different guilds in both of them.

Do your guild mates know who you are?
My main character which I actually don’t go on as much anymore just because I ended up posting it on my MySpace and there’s a lot of tells coming in and the servers been filled up, so I actually I got to level 80 and then my character didn’t get a chance to get geared. I only have half epics so I started a new character on another server which is more of my private one and I’m getting geared on that one so that’s my second baby.

With your main now, do they know who you are?
No one knows about my other one. I mean, I have a few friends on my guild and those are the few people on there and I go on there with my boyfriend and we raid together. But it’s more of my private one. My other one – my main – her name is Lights; she’s a human warrior. She’s on ___ server.

Is it true that you met your boyfriend on WoW?

Yeah, well it’s funny I mean we really started... The first time we ever hung out, for the first few months. And it was just, it’s so funny it’s like all in game hang outs and you know, going to the bar in game, and like /flirting and it all turned into something real haha.

How do you feel about people developing relationships and friendships on games like World of Warcraft
I think it’s actually pretty cool I mean, what I’ve noticed I meet a lot of people and even fans who I talk to online and in the game and we get along really well and I have no idea who they are or what they look like and I make my judgments according to what they say to me and how they act and their humor and everything which I think is a more, I think it’s a more human way to judge somebody and then you finally meet them and it’s like you already know them and everything beyond that is bonus so it doesn’t matter what they look like and it kind of takes away that whole aesthetic judgment on first meeting and it’s different than the real life but I think its not necessarily worse. I think its actually kinda better.

Is that your favorite part of playing WoW?

Well definitely a big part of it is the ability to interact with people including fans and everything like that but my favorite part of WoW is just being able to be someone else with different skills and different professions and a different job and different abilities and a different outfit and a different look and a different race. I don’t know it’s just an entirely different world and you don’t have to be you for a little while and it’s nice to take a break from yourself. I mean common you gotta live with yourself

Are you going to buy Cataclysm when it comes out?
Oh of course, yeah, definitely. I’m really interested to see what happens and I’m definitely gonna make a Worgen, it’s gonna be the new alliance race which I’m excited.

So you’re an ally?
Yeah haha. It sounds like you play too, are you Horde?

Yeah, I’m horde haha
Haha most people are. You know it’s really fun. I don’t know how I feel about the new faction changes and the ability to transfer your character between factions. It seems a little a-patriotic to me but I’m actually…it’s not I don’t know how I feel about that yet but it’s a little off topic I actually a couple days ago went to the World of Warcraft art exhibit at the Laguna Beach gallery and it was amazing. It was a really cool perspective on the game it was all different artists’ renditions of their character and what Warcraft means to them and there was the replica, probably the original actually, Wrath of the Lich King sword Arthas’ sword like in the block of ice there that I got to see and there was a life size orc and stuff it was really fun.

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