Gaming Nexus IP Draft Part 2


posted 5/24/2007 by The GN Staff
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Round 6

    Pick #1
(31) - Chuck Husemann - Gears of War
    Chuck's Comment: With the first pick of the sixth round I'm taking Gears of War.  It's a new franchise but with a second game all but assured and a movie already in the works this new franchise has Halo potential.  Plus we get uber gamer designer and media whore CliffyB to be the face of the franchise.


    John's Comment: It was a matter of time before Gears was picked and it comes to no surprise to me that Chuck would pick it up in the last round.

    Dan's Comment: A fabulous pick this late in the game.  Gears is almost surely to have a second helping, plus a movie deal is already in the works.  As the first "It" game for the next-gen consoles, it is a great franchise to start building with.

    Ben's Comment: This is a phenomenal pick. I had honestly hoped to make it my 6th round selection, surprised each time that it got through. This is the kind of franchise to base your console on, because so many of the previously picked franchises are too long in the tooth to really have continued staying power.

    Pick #2 (32) - Rachel Steiner - Elder Scrolls
    Rachel's Comment: Two words: Elder Scrolls. It just gets better and better.


    John's Comment: NoOOOOoOoOoOoOoOOOO. I was so hoping this one would fall. Rachel's last pick is a great pick in round 6 as I didn't think Elder Scrolls would last this long.

    Dan's Comment: What can you say but $@#&!  I think everyone except Ben was hoping this classy lady would slide to them in Round 6.  I know it wouldn’t have made it past my pick.  The great thing about the Elder Scrolls is that Bethesda has embraced the next-gen downloadable content and has created so many additional revenue streams with expansions and in-game content, it isn't even funny.


    Pick #3 (33) - Ben Berry - FIFA
    Ben's Comment: Well, I want something that sells well in Europe, so...I'll take the FIFA IP.


    John's Comment: Is FIFA that popular? I would think if you wanted a soccer game you'd go for something like Winning Eleven.

    Dan's Comment: Wow, just wow.  I guess this is a fitting end to the most "unique" draft we saw.  While FIFA gets a boost every few years from the World Cup, I seriously question passing up Tiger Woods or even one of the MLB or NHL franchises for soccer.  Besides, wouldn't the Winning Eleven franchise and its 17 million sold base be a smarter pick?  I guess not.

    Chuck's Comment: Something of a steal this late given the game's popularity outside the US.

    Pick #4 (34) - Cyril Lachel - Street Fighter
    Cyril's Comment: It's just waiting for a resurrection.


    John's Comment: Street Fighter's such a great IP and has such a great history. Cyril's final pick finishes off a nice compliment in fighting games to his library.

    Dan's Comment: Cyril sneaks in an old classic with a few more breaths with is last pick.  The best thing about this franchise is the advent of Digital Distribution, which could see all the previous incarnations continue to hit next-gen consoles for years to come.

    Pick #5 (35) - Dan Keener - Command and Conquer
    Dan's Comment: With my last pick I had to make a tough decision.  Do I go with the established franchise with some legs left, or do I go after another youngster that has shown amazing promise?  In the end, it came down to picking Command & Conquer over the youngsters and adding another franchise that will blend the past, present and future into my empire.

    John's Comment: Dan rounds out his library with a great RTS series. I've always loved the Red Alert series and C&C is one of the best RTS franchises out there. Great pick in the sixth round.

    Chuck's Comment: While not the original RTS, it's the game that really kick started the genre.  Given how well C&C 3 has done this year this is a great pick.

    Pick #6 (36) - John Yan - Half-Life
    John's Comment: One of the premier FPS games out there, I have been a big fan of the Valve title since I saw a tech demo at an early E3 in Atlanta. I would have probably picked this higher if I had to do it all over again but I'm happy it fell to me in the sixth round with the last pick.


    Dan's Comment: A great pick at the end of the draft.  While there may not be much left in this franchise, it adds another solid piece to John's diverse lineup.

    Chuck's Comment: The only pick I regret not making.  I still play a lot of HL2 just to relive one of the best FPS games of all time.
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