Gaming Nexus IP Draft Part 2


posted 5/24/2007 by The GN Staff
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Round 5

  Pick #1 (25) - John Yan - God of War
    John's Comment: This is one of the newer IPs and I think the series has become overly popular so I feel adding this to my stable will give me a nice variety in my top 5 choices.


    Dan's Comment: This is the first title that went off the board I really wanted.  John makes a great pick grabbing this up and coming franchise at the top of round 5.  With God of War 2 selling well over a million units worldwide, and God of War: Chains of Olympus due out onPSP later this year, this franchise is poised to be introduced to the PS3 and next-gen in the near future.

    Chuck's Comment: While Kratos may be a three and done franchise there's no doubt that these are some of the best games to come out on the PS2.

    Pick #2 (26) - Dan Keener - Mass Effect
    Dan's Comment: After having stud after stud franchise fall into my lap, I decided to go out on a limb and take a franchise thathasn’t even been released yet.  Mass Effect is slated to be a trilogy that will run on the Xbox 360 and supposedly Games for Windows.  While this may seem like a  classic boom or bust pick, I have enough firepower in my lineup that I can afford to take a risk here on what has been lauded .


    John's Comment: Dan's going for an unknown here and it can either pay off big time or be a big bust. You can't tell yet but I have to give Dan credit for going out on a limb.

    Cyril's Comment: There's no denying the talent behind Mass Effect, but it's risky to select an unproven game/franchise.  Will the strange mix of action and role-playing confuseXbox 360 gamers?  I worry that the action may be too much like a shooter for traditional role-playing fans and the role-playing elements will be too slow for traditional shooter fans.  Either way, we have yet to see if Mass Effect can actually catch on or if it will be another major title with disappointing sales figures.

    Chuck's Comment: While normally you don't want to take a franchise that hasn't even shipped a game yet the fact that this is being developed byBioware is reason enough to pick it.

    Pick #3 (27) - Cyril Lachel - Tekken
    Cyril's Comment:  For my fifth round pick I'm going to select Tekken.  Virtua Fighter has always been a better series, but I think that Tekken is a more commercially viable franchise (especially outside of Japan).


    John's Comment: Virtua Fighter is the series I would pick up but I'm more into the more complex fighting game. Tekken's a great series in its own right so I like Cyril's pick here.

    Dan's Comment: Cyril finally breaks his racing game string and grabs an old-school classic in Tekken.  Like most fighters, this franchise keeps getting milked as technology allows the game to become more complex and visually appealing.  The PS3 already has lined upTekken 6, but the franchise may have its best opportunity from downloading ports through digital distribution.

    Pick #4 (28) - Ben Berry - NBA Live
    Ben's Comment: The growing popularity of the NBA (while i loathe it) is ripe for an expansion of this series, and a true set of next gen titles with quality development behind them can only push this.


    John's Comment: While I love basketball, I just never liked NBA Live as I thought the action was way off base. I definitely would've picked one of the other sports franchises over NBA such as Tiger Woods or NHL.

    Dan's Comment: Ugh.  If you are going to dabble in sports franchises at this point in the draft, I have two words for you: Tiger Woods.

    Chuck's Comment: The NHL franchise I could see, but the NBA franchise?  Seriously....

    Pick #5 (29) - Rachel Steiner - Lord of the Rings
    Rachel's Comment:  With the new MMO out (which I have played and it PWNS) and also the fact that the books have a long standing history with hardcore fans there will always be a niche for this setting.


    John's Comment: Rachel's moved back to picking RPGs so I'm surprised she chose a relatively new IP over one with a lot of history like Ultima, Fallout, or Elder Scrolls. Lord of the Rings might be picked a little higher than I think most people would have.

    Dan's Comment: Rachel gets another solid and diverse franchise in Lord of the Rings.  With several more titles already in the pipeline, the game has some legs.  However, the hype surrounding the film tie-in is gone and the gaming world seems to becoming bored with the franchise despiteTolkien's influence on generations of readers.

    Pick #6 (30) - Chuck Husemann - Tetris
    Chuck's Comment: With the final pick of the 5th round I'm taking the Tetris franchise....old, old school game that is still alive and kicking.


    Dan's Comment: A historic franchise that still keeps people occupied for hours.  The big issue with this aging superstar is how will it translate to the next generation of gaming?  The early results are seem to suggest that mobile and portable gaming will be the best option. Tetris Evolution hit the Xbox 360 to lukewarm reception, which may signal the end to console gaming of this classic.

    Cyril's Comment: I love Tetris, it's my second favorite game of all time (only topped by X-Com), but can you make money off of Tetris?  Sure Nintendo managed to score a few sales off of the recent DS version, but by and large Tetris isn't a big seller these days.  A big reason for this is because you can find Tetris for free almost anywhere.  Heck, even forums allow you to play flash-based Tetris games.  I also worry that while Tetris is a fun game, the franchise itself doesn't have legs.  Let's face it, Hatris and Wordtris bombed, and let's not even talk about that 'Tris game for the Super Scope.  Tetris is a game I would love to have with me on a desert island, but I'm not convinced that there's any money in this puzzler.
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