Gaming Nexus IP Draft Part 2


posted 5/24/2007 by The GN Staff
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If you haven't read Part 1, you can go back to see how all this madness started. Now off to the next round...

Round 4

Pick #1 (19) - Chuck Husemann - Metroid
    Chuck's Comment: While not Nintendo's marquee franchise this is still one of the crowns of the Nintendo empire.


    John's Comment: Metroid really shouldn't have fallen this far so Chuck gets a steal at pick 19.

    Dan's Comment: Another great pick, as over 13 million games are already in circulation and Metroid Prime 3 is due out later this year.

    Pick #2 (20) - Rachel Steiner - Mega Man


    John's Comment: I can't really see Mega Man being that popular anymore but it sure did churn out a lot of games.

    Dan's Comment: A good solid pick in round four, but a franchise that looks to be down to mobile phones and Nintendo DS releases.  However, there have been over 27 million of this franchise sold worldwide, so this is a strong addition to anyone's portfolio.

    Cyril's Comment: Look, I love Mega Man as much as the next guy ... but one needs to worry about the character being overused.  Even back in the 2D era Mega Man had a bad reputation for being that one franchise that never changed, to the point where the bosses and levels almost became a parody of earlier titles.  These days Capcom is releasing two to three Mega Man games a year and I worry that our favorite blue hero may be a little too over exposed.  Without a major resurrection I wonder how long Mega Man can go on and if it will be profitable five or ten years from now.


    Pick #3 (21) - Ben Berry - Marvel Comics
    Ben's Comment:  I balance the DC stuff with the Marvel franchises. The Spiderman games from the movies haven't been bad, and the X-Men and Avenger titles of course of late have been nice. though i still think they have room to grow.


    John's Comment: Ben follows up a questionable pick in my view with another one in my opinion. I guess if you want to corner to super hero market you might as well own two major comic book labels.

    Dan's Comment: In a surprise development (well, not really), Ben corners the market on crappy comic book inspired games by taking the Marvel Comics franchise.  I got nothing else <shakes head sullenly>.

    Chuck's Comment: Solid pick but too many other franchises that I would have picked over this one.

    Pick #4 (22) - Cyril Lachel - Burnout
    Cyril's Comment: Even if a "real" next gen version has yet to be seen, I have to say that Burnout would be my choice.


    John's Comment: Burnout's a fun series and adds another good racing game to Cyril's lineup. Between Gran Turismo and Burnout, Cyril's got a nice balance of realistic and over the top racing games in his library.

    Dan's Comment: While Ben goes after the weird, wild and wacky, Cyril has been going nuts on any game that uses wheels.  The Burnout series has been strong over the years and will likely continue to grow as next-gen consoles are tapped to their potential in with Burnout Paradise.

    Chuck's Comment: While still a relatively new franchise this is a game that seems to be be picking up steam.

    Pick #5 (23) - Dan Keener - Resident Evil
    Dan's Comment: Some great picks came off the board in this round, but a classic that still has some legs was sliding under the radar.  I went ahead and grabbed Resident Evil, not only for its stellar past (and three feature films), but due to the fact it is no longer a Sony console exclusive. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners alike will get their hands on this gem when Resident Evil 5 hits next year, and the Wii gets into the act with Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles due out later in 2007.

    John's Comment: Another pick by Dan that I forgot about. Resident Evil's the premier horror game and another steal in round 4. Dan's been doing well I think in grabbing some franchises that many of us have looked over.

    Pick #6 (24) - John Yan - NCAA Football
    John's Comment: I'm more of a college guy myself and I have many good memories of playing the older NCAA Football games. I'd go roster and incremental updates every other year charging around $15 while I plan for huge upgrades in between.


    Dan's Comment: John makes a solid grab of another EA yearly release in NCAA Football.  While Madden is the unquestioned king of sports titles, NCAA football is just finding its legs by taking advantage of the opportunities next-gen consoles provide.  Throw in the depth of the game (recruiting, off-season, etc) with realistic landscapes and this franchise should continue to thrive.

    Chuck's Comment: Another reason you don't share picks with the people near you.
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