Gaming Nexus IP Draft Part 1


posted 5/23/2007 by The GN Staff
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I love NFL and NBA drafts. It's such a thrill to see your team pick from a pool of players that could eventually lead your team to the promise land. At least one team will find a player in the late rounds that blossoms into an impact player while there's always that one player picked early that becomes a bust. As I was watching the NFL draft two weeks ago, I thought what it would be like if all the intellectual properties were up for draft. How would they go? Which IP would turn out to be a steal in the late rounds? Which IP would be picked too early? With that, the staff at Gaming Nexus decided to hold their own mock draft of intellectual properties.

Here's how it worked. A random order was picked through from the six staff members participating. The draft order is a snake draft whereby the order that people picked were reverse every other round. We went through six rounds for a total of 36 picks. Here's how it went down. The draft order was as follows:

1. John Yan
2. Dan Keener
3. Cyril Lachel
4. Ben Berry
5. Rachel Steiner
6. Chuck Husemann

So let's get started with the first pick...
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