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posted 1/17/2011 by Charles Husemann
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With 2010 firmly in the rear view mirror we’ve asked the staff at Gaming Nexus to pick the games they liked the best from last year. You’ll see a lot of the big titles that you would expect to see in this list (a lot of our writers liked Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption) but you’ll see some other games and items that might have slipped under the radar. Without further adieu here’s our list..

Tina Amini
Mass Effect 2 - Mass Effect 2 offers not only a truly in-depth and creative storyline, but it also presents it in beautiful cinematics and well thought out dialogues complemented by excellent voice acting. A good story is only as good as its presentation, and BioWare ensured that no detail was amiss to risk the fluidity of their story. On top of the awesome experience of a story is the fun of an interesting set of classes, thereby keeping the shelf life greater.

Heavy Rain - Although not everyone’s cup of gaming tea, Quantic Dream certainly has a flare for the cinematic. Heavy Rain is immersive, and will occupy both your time and mind whilst playing. Having been a fan of Indigo Prophecy for its enthralling storyline and unique gameplay reliant on QTE, Heavy Rain is a no-brainer.

Alan Wake - Another storyline centric game, Alan Wake underwent five years of production and the polishing time is evident. Alan Wake also boasts another unique kind of gameplay. Although the third-person perspective is familiar, the weaponry is not. I loved the concept of light as weaponry, because advancing in weaponry became a very unique experience. Whereas a rocket launcher might be the ultimate weapon in a different third-person shooter, Alan Wake progresses with flares and lanterns. The game is also very intricate, with each episode tied together fairly seamlessly.

Red Dead Redemption - Some games are fun in theory, but end up a bore after some time. As a sandbox game, Red Dead Redemption keeps the interest going with several unique new areas to discover, each with an equally significant portion of the storyline in which it is revealed.

Playing as the charming John Marston, players will meet new characters that keep the pace of the game going without you even noticing.

Limbo - Limbo is beautiful in the basics. A black and white facade and a subtle complement of a soundtrack accompany a challenging puzzle experience full of mystery. The storyline is not necessarily complete, but rather left up to interpretation which is fitting for the game. Given that the game is a puzzle game, “boss” levels are even more so challenging as well as unique, a quality which seems to be lacking these days.

Ben Berry
EA NHL 11 - An annual release continuing to make the best games of the year list each year is a testament to the effort the development team has brought forth each release cycle. This year with the addition of the Ontario Hockey League, all of the logos and uniforms, the enhancements in on-ice play, and an entirely new CCG-based online league, the hard part wasn't putting it on this years list, but seeing what they'll do next year that could eclipse what they've accomplished in this years game.

Mass Effect 2 - Sequels are so rarely as good as the original, let alone better. Mass Effect 2 is one of the rare exceptions as it took everything good about the first game, and made it better. Well, everything except the romance, as that got downplayed a bit to make room in the plot for a bigger team, a bigger ship, better usage of resources and inventory, and a guarantee that the choices you make in ME2 will drastically affect what happens to you in ME3.

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