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posted 9/15/2008 by Nathan Murray
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Part 2 Interview with Barbara Jones
Barbara Jones is a very kind woman who makes you feel at home even though sometimes Gamerz can feel like a buzz of electronic activity. She is a great host and is always friendly. You know that feeling you get when your mom bakes chocolate chip cookies (or other favorite food) just for you after you’ve had a bad day? She kind of makes you feel like that.

[Sean Colleli] Do you think you could organize tabletop gaming here, like Dungeons and Dragons?
We’re open to just about anything to be honest, as long as it doesn’t cost a lot [laugh], we’re still new so we’re trying to get out and there and such. We just had 10TV out here last night doing a story on the curfew. If you’re under 17 you have to be in by 9:30, so they were doing a story on places where kids can hang out, because we’re open 24 hrs starting June 1st.

[Nathan Murray] So 10TV news beat us [Gaming Nexus] here, huh? [laughs]
So what site are you guys from again?

[Nathan Murray] It’s a local site. We’re both staff writers, and most of our responsibilities entail doing news posts on the website.

[Sean Colleli] We do a lot of posts from all over the industry, people send us press releases, they’ll send us games and materials and we’ll review them.
Have you guys hears about a website called It’s an organization for places like us from all over the country. They sponsor game nights, tournaments.

[Nathan Murray] It gives you the tools to run tournaments?
More of the people on their forum are PC LAN type, we’re the first console only group. Basically you go the site and you can list your center tournaments, or you can see what other centers are doing, but it’s all linked together. If you want to post tournaments or game launch day events, like we’re doing a Civilization thing coming up, the new one for consoles. My husband can’t wait! Igames is doing that one, and if your center helps launch it, they’ll send you free copies of the game. You might want to check it out. They have an event coming up in California, the igames expo in Santa Fe.

[Charlie] So I’m going, right?

Actually, we want to send someone. We also work with Twin Galaxies, the arcade authorities. They keep track of all the high scores. They have representatives in Ohio, and they come in here a lot. We had a Wii Sports tournament, Twin Galaxies was there and we had a couple people that made the record for bowling.

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