Gamerz Interview Part 1


posted 9/15/2008 by Nathan Murray
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You thought the Gamerz article was done? Not by a long shot my friend. Sean Colleli and I didn’t just sit on our butts and play a few games, we actually did some journalism. We interviewed Charlie the unofficial general manager, Barbara Jones Vice President, and Ken Jones President of Gamerz.

Part 1 Interview with Charlie
Charlie is the man to go to when Ken and Barbara aren’t around. He is the oldest of the staff at Gamerz and the most knowledgeable and I’ve found myself talking to him for a good time while I was supposed to be picking out a game to play.

[Nathan] What is the absolute best part of working at Gamerz? The one thing that really keeps you coming back?
For me it’s probably that I live literally right across the street. I can wake up like 15 minutes before I come to work, hop in the shower and then come over here and get things moving.

[Sean Colleli] It is a big advantage.
At the same time, I’m the oldest employee here so I don’t have to worry about my parents picking me up or dropping me off. There are nights where I’ll get off my shift, and I’ll literally be here playing games until 3 or 4 in the morning, because all I have to do is just go right across the street to get home and go to bed. The location is just perfect, I think it’s one of the reasons I got this job.

[Nathan] Do you do most of your gaming here?
Yeah, at home I have an original Xbox, but a couple days ago I tried to turn it on and it didn’t work anymore, so I had to throw that away. So yeah, I basically do all my gaming here.

[Nathan] What are some of your favorite titles?
Crackdown is one of my all time favorites, you’re basically Spider Man with a gun! Call of Duty 4 is always great if you’re playing with people. I’m ashamed to say this but recently I’ve been addicted to Oblivion; I’ve logged like over 75 hours on that game already.

[Nathan] Is that all? [laughs]
Yeah, but I’m nowhere close to being done, I’m like 2 missions into the main story.

[Sean Colleli] ...and all the sidequests too.
Yeah, you turn a corner and somebody wants to give you another quest.
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