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posted 7/24/2008 by Sean Colleli
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Nathan’s take
Gamerz is technically not an arcade. Essentially patrons register with the store and are IDed using a photograph stored in the store's data base, contact information, or the high tech method of scanning the customers’ fingerprint. Patrons rent time on one of dozens of High Definition LCD TVs, projection screen TVs, or an actual 100” projector located in the stores party room. Of course getting time on a TV is great but what will you do with it? Play games of course. Gamerz offers the use of the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Atari Flashback (a plug and play Atari), or the now classic Nintendo 64. Titles available include games for the Xbox, the Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, and N64. The Atari flashback has a decent collection of games built into the system. Peripherals for each system are made available including game specific controllers such as the Rock Band guitar controller and drum peripheral.

The atmosphere of Gamerz is casual, fun, and relaxed. Clients from all ages are constantly moving in and out, exchanging games for different ones, or settling up their account before leaving. Needless to say the staff tend to be very busy setting up systems, running the cash register, helping with technical problems (I.E. dead batteries), and running the modest snack bar located at the front. However when the store isn’t busy the staff is friendly and approachable and will talk with the customers (not while they are playing of course) and will occasionally partake in a little video game action themselves.
So how to sum up the Gamerz experience? You walk in, pick a game from the library listed at the front desk, pick a TV, plop down on the couch while someone else sets up your game for you, then grab the controller and play. If you get hungry you get a snack, if you get bored grab a new game, if you need to use the bathroom well they won’t help you with that one but there are facilities on site.
Remember all the times you purchased a game for the full price only to find out it was a hyped up piece of poo? Well it’s for that very reason I like Gamerz. I still haven’t gotten over paying $60 for Superman 64 when it was released. Sure renting from a video store is an option but most won’t let you take it back and exchange it after the first fifteen minutes of playing it. Gamerz is not only a great place to hang out and play some games but to test out what games you would really want to play at home.

The biggest reason to go to Gamerz and the inspiration (more on that later) for the store is competitive tournaments. Because the televisions are hooked up locally there is zero lagging during COD4 tournaments or other graphic intensive games and thus a better competitive atmosphere to game in. Good sportsmanship is not just a suggestion, it is a rule. This makes cheating and false accusation of cheating less likely. The coolest part of all though is cash prizes. Who doesn’t want to get played for playing games? However not all prizes are equal so make sure you check all the details before signing up with dollar signs in your eyes.
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