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posted 3/8/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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For some reason after playing this game, South Park comes to mind. In particular Mr. Mackey, “Drugs are bad mmkay... you shouldn’t do drugs cuz drugs are bad. And you shouldn’t play Galerians, because you use drugs in Galerians. And drugs are bad mmkay?” Don’t ask why but it just came to mind.

I played a small amount of the original Galerians and I remember some of the nasty stuff seen in that game, like finding the main character’s mother stuffed in a fridge, downright awful, but at the same time intruiging. I was hoping more of the same would be present in Galerians Ash but unfortunately that is not the case, it has some strange and disturbing stuff, but nothing too horrid. But Galerians Ash suffers from more than just a lack of content it also has graphics that make it look like a first generation PS2 title, very little music to speak of, and worst of all some bad gameplay to top it off.

Galerians Ash takes place during the final events of the first Galerians game with Rion attempting to take down Dorothy, the super computer hell bent on destroying the human race. The prologue is downright confusing at times. In particular, why do I need to repeat the events that I just completed twenty minutes ago? Oops no time to think about that now, got to upload this virus into Dorothy. Once the prologue is complete we learn that Rion’s brain had crashed and he’s been out of commision for six years. During these six years the Last Galerians, led by Ash, have been attempting to revive Dorothy to destroy the world again. Sound confusing? It is.

Male or female? You make the call.

Starting with the graphics, the game manages to run at 60 frames per second but only because of the horrid character models and backgrounds. The characters themselves have a very low polygon count and for characters like Romero it is terribly obvious. The environments are not very pretty either. Some of the backgrounds use a 2D texture where a 3D one would have been much more appropriate and a lot less ugly. And speaking of ugly there is the anti-aliasing. I haven’t seen it this bad since Ridge Racer 5, and I’ve never had it hurt my eyes, until now. In order to offset the anti-aliasing problem Galerians makes a lot of use of a slight blur filter which is very noticable, but not helpful in the slightest. There are three flavors of cinemas used in the game, you have standard in game graphics which at times look awful and have very poor lip sync. Then there is the slightly touched up in-game graphics which once again feature a bad audio sync. And last but not least there is the full blown FMV which looks very nice and features good lip sync. Why there wasn’t just a constant FMV used is beyond me.

As for the sound, there isn’t much to say. During the gameplay there is usually some form of ambient music that is servicable but hardly memorable. However during bosses you get a bit more, usually in the techno or drum and bass variety, yet once again forgetable. As for the voice acting I must say that I like it a lot more than some dub jobs that I’ve heard in the past, the characters are decently voiced. Now if only the lip syncing job was decent and subtitles were present. Far too may times did I notice that the characters were drowned out by other sounds. As for the voice syncing there are times where the characters will say a complete sentence before they move their mouth.
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