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posted 3/17/2006 by Dave Gamble
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So, what's the beef?  How in the world could I passionately hate a game this good?  Well, the developers made what is in my opinion a fatal decision: they adopted the "we know what's fun better than you do, and it's our way or the highway."  In other words, they adopted my pet-peeve from console-based racers: the mandatory career mode.  Locked cars.  Locked tracks.  No control over the length of the career races.  In effect, they have not only hidden access to 90% of the available cars, but have instituted a racing mode that is completely counter to what a serious racer wants.  The career races are 5 laps long.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Five laps.  What kind of racing style does that encourage, particularly when you have to finish well in order to earn the credits to unlock the cars and tracks you've already paid for?  Simple: it encourages you to race as unrealistically as possible, bullying other cars out of your way rather than making artful and sophisticated passes.  Fundamentally, what they have done is thrown away their significant investment in providing the most realistic racing sim available today by making the actual racing as unrealistic as possible.

I resent the arrogance of this type of enforced structure enormously, and frankly it has ruined the much anticipated GT Legends for me.  And if that level of ridiculous control over how game buyers want to play isn't enough, 10tacle has forced web forums that had a cheat file to unlock all cars and tracks available for download to remove the file under threat of litigation.  I've gone on and on about this before.  Why does the game studio want to force me into their idea of what's fun, rather than let me do what's right for me?  How do they benefit from forcing players to endure unrealistic races in cars they may not be interested in until they can unlock the cars and tracks they bought the game for?  Beats me, but they keep on doing it.

If you don’t mind the imposed structure, or are willing to deal with it just to get some seat time in a classic racer, then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of GT Legends.  But if you’re like me and take a more libertarian view of your gaming, this one will simply frustrate you

Simbin and 10tacle Studios have released GT Legends, a super realistic racing sim based on the classic cars of the 60’s and 70’s. The physics, graphics, and sounds are state-of-the-art, but the always hard to please Dave has a bone to pick. Read the review to see what’s got his knickers in a twist this time.

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